Will this save my Pumpkins from SVB?

Derek1598August 21, 2013

I discovered my pumpkins had SVB yesterday, and they had been droopy for about a week. I cut the stem open and removed that maggot. Then, I covered the stem with rich soil. This morning the leaves were not very droopy. But as the day went on, they became droopy. The pumpkin has roots further up the vine. Where there were no in ground roots, I threw down some rich soil at the bases of the leaves, mixed with a SMALL amount of miracle gro, which I dislike for obvious reason, but I thought it would help. I cleared a path for the vine too, ripping out all weed and putting down that soil. Will it survive? It IS growing! It is around 6ft long.

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Time will tell. I have had them seem fine after surgery only to drop dead a week or two later, and even after putting out new leaves. Hopefully your down-the-stem roots will be able to do the job.

Good luck!

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Im cautiously optimistic as I have other plants beginning to show female buds who seem to have not been attacked. Thank you!

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sometimes there is more than one grub!

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Look for the eggs and pick them off. The eggs are brown little round things that can be anywhere on the plant, but more often on the stem. Also, look for holes in the stem. The larvae is very small at first. I have pulled some out of my zukes this year that were barely the size of a grain of rice. They eat and grow and destroy their way down the stem!

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