Zucchini stopped producing

diclemeg(7a)August 20, 2009

This is my first year growing zucchini, and grew two nice Eight Ball hybrid plants, and they produced wonderfully for me, up until last weekend. They'd be each pumping out a fruit every three days, and I probably got 25 from each. But now, they have seemed to stop, and alot of the leaves are white with powdery mildew, and the flowers are blooming but all seem to be male.

Since this is my first year.... are the plants done producing ? Do they cease at some point, or do they continue until frost ? I'm confused what to do.

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I would treat them for powdery mildew(I've been spraying w/diluted milk)after removing the affected leaves, and give the plant a bit of fertilizer. I did this to my plant a couple weeks ago and it's putting out more blossoms(male and female).

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but answer me this..... do zucchinis typically stop producing so early, or do they continue until frost ?

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Under perfect conditions, you may be able to keep them going, I get about6-8 weeks of production and plow them down when they get straggly. If I want more, I will do a fall planting. 50 zukes per plant is an exceptional yield. Only the fall planting goes til frost here.

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Here in CA they seem to produce forever, but when I was in TX and they caught powdery mildew that would stop production until I got the disease under control and then would pick up again. I used baking soda in water to treat if I remember right.

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susancol(7 Atlanta)

If you can get the powdery mildew under control, then the plants may put out some more. But it will likely be a losing battle that the PM will eventually win. So you decide how your garden space is best used. If a few more squash are most important, battle the PM. Or you could cut your losses there and clear the space for some fall plantings. Root veggies, spinach, lettuce, peas, etc.

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I agree with Susancol that the PM will eventually win. But, if you treat, you can extend your harvest until frost. I usually plant only one or two plants, so every zuke counts. I start looking for PM signs mid-summer and treat for the rest of the season. This year I have only one plant, but have three cucumber(bush-type)in a box that developed PM before the zuke did. This is my first time using diluted milk and it seems to be working at keeping PM at bay, although I repeat spraying after a heavy rain. Both the zuke and cukes are putting out new clear growth.

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