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russtyApril 12, 2006

HELP! I found a Corn Plant or Cornstalk plant in the trash bin at work today. Someone had taken a saw and cut the poor thing right in half. The top half of the plant still looks healthy. Is there any way to re-root this plant.

The plant is one stalk about two inches in diameter. Then it was cut off, with some kind of coating applied to the stalk. there are three smaller stalks growing out from where the main stalk looks to have been cut off.

How do I go about saving this plant?

Thanks for your help. -Russty

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Russty, the Corn Plant in the soil should continue growing.
The top half that was cut off might root if you place in either soil or water..
Does this coating look like wax? What's its color? Toni

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The problem with the bottom half was that the pot was empty with trace amounts of soil, and bare roots. The pot and bottom half of the plant was in a trash bag inside of a rubbish bin by the freight elevator. The roots were bare and completely dry. I thought the bottom half might have been dead. After doing some research I found out that corn plants actually like it dry between waterings.
The top half of the plant was just inside the bin. Too bad, I should have saved the bottom part too I guess. By now, I'm sure its gone. The only thing I can figure is that the plant must have been knocked over, and the Janitor must have gotten mad about the dirt spilling out of the pot.

On the top half, the part that was cut where the new stalks branch out, it is coated with some kind of wax or gum. I have seen this before. It is the stuff that the professional plant caretakers use. I can't tell you what color it is because I am partially color blind. It is a dark color though, probably red, green or brown... Anyhow, I took the top part of the plant back to the shop and stuck it in some water. It is currently sitting in water at home where I am better equipped to treat it.

I hope this helps. Thanks for your response.

Best Regards, -Russty

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Russty, sounds like wax..wax is used for Corn plants by professionals. It shouldn't have any effect on rooting..We'll see if that poor plant roots in water; I truly hope it does.
Do you plan on keeping the top portion in water? I've heard of ppl rooting CP's in water but others did in soil. This is totally up to you of course.
It may take time but give it a chance to see the results.
How are the branches doing now that you have it in water?

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The leaves still looked the same this morning as they did the other day. I understand it usually takes several weeks for roots to develop, so as long as the plant survives I'll keep it in the water till I see roots developing.

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Hi There,

I have the same issue as Russty. I have a corn plant that is about 3ft. tall, and right now I have it sitting in water. Hopefully it will root. How long does it usually take for roots to sprout? Is there anything else that I can do to help it along?

Thanks much.

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njbiker(Zone 6, NJ)

When folks were being laid off from my company, I found a cornstalk plant abandoned in an office. It was well over 8' tall, dried up, with two greenish stalks coming from each side. One day I repotted it, fed it, continually watered it back to health. When I got the chop, I took the plant with me (pickup truck necessary). Too big for my old farmhouse, I cut off the two branches, dipped them in rooting powder and stuck them in soil. Four years later both plants are now 8' tall!!!!

So I highly recommend using the rooting powder with the top half!

Here is a link that might be useful: My art site

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That would be the method I would use, just based on the fact that if these plants are watered too often they die, so I would think that if they were left in the water for a large amount of time they would rot, I have heard of people rooting them in water however, just myself never had any luck, of course I honestly think things root faster this time of the year rather then in winter, seems like in winter it takes forever to root a pothos but if I do it in the spring or summer it is like I have roots in 2 weeks or less (of course this all could be a figment of my overactive imagination:)

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I too have heard rooting corn plants in soil works better than water, but it's an experiment. One advantage of rooting in water is one can spot roots. So, it's a toss up.
Micke, you've got that right!! Rooting/sowing in spring and summer is best..They grow twice as fast for one thing. April on is a great time to start cuttings..Toni

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I have had my corn plant for several years and it was doing great - I sat it outside so I could repot it but forgot and left it in the sun too long - I guess. Anyway, the leaves look sun burnt!! What should I do - I think I need to trim all those burnt leaves but I am afraid to until someone who knows says to.

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