Need help with my Calathea

Mace63April 30, 2014

Hello. I hope I'm posting in the right place.

I got this calathea two weeks ago, and it was fine until three days ago when the leaves started curling. Before I begin with questions; from the pictures I included, I'd like to know what type of calathea this is. I've been looking around internet but can't figure it out.

As for my questions, the obvious one is why do leaves start curling like this? Lack of humidity? Too much watering? Too little watering?

I'd like to know how much and how often do I need to water my calathea. Also, how many times do I need to mist it? I do it with distilled water (both watering the soil and misting), is that okay?

Maybe a silly question, but is lamp light (artificial light) bad for the plant?

You can't see it in this picture, but the plant has one yellow leaf near the bottom. I'd also like to bring to attention the discolored stalk (not sure if this is the proper term) on the top leading to the leaves themselves (the part that seems to have curled the leaves).

I've been reading the posts here about this plant but I'm just lost and would like to get help with this calathea in particular.

I'm grateful to anyone who responds.

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

I just checked some pix for ya, try Calathea roseopicta. Do you know how to isolate the search to Images? That's how I found it; don't know about the care though, sorry.

Nice looking plant, hope you figure it out.

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If Calatheas have light too strong, or too little water they tend to curl in a 'tubular' way rather than nodding like yours are. Although they should never dry out, neither should they be in soggy, poorly drained soil. You need to check that the pot has good drainage and that the soil isn't wet/soggy.

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Thank you for replies. I came across Calathea roseopicta, but because it still looks a bit different I wasn't sure if that was it.

The soil gets to be dry eventually. It's wet only if I've watered it recently. I watered it yesterday and today it's still wet, though. The pot and the soil are the original ones it came in, and it was fine in it for a while.

Anyone has any ideas what I should try doing?

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Can anyone help? My calathea has about 13 leaves on it..very sad looking. I have a humidifier near it, I've covered it with a clear plastic bag to hold humidity, but I think soil is too wet. Leaves aren't wilted, but brown at edges...I really want to save this plant..any suggestions??

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it's an old post - but for the record this is not cal. roseopicta. it looks very close to cal. libbyana.
you need to post a pic of your plant. although care is similar for most of calatheas, seeing your plant can help to determine what's wrong with it.

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