Anyone know or have experience with this plant?

auron22(6b OH)April 3, 2013

Medinilla Magnifica
I saw them in a big box store, never seen one sold before. They were marketing it as some sort of romantic plant. The flowers looked amazing and the foliage is nice, Anyone have any tips on this thing? Should i even bother with it? So far i found out it has late spring-mid summer blooms and is an epiphyte.

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Auron, if the Medinilla is a reasonable price, go for it.

My Mendinilla's flowers lasted more than 8-months... problem, I can't get it to rebloom.
I repotted last summer, so it's possible repotting interrupted buds.

Orange flowers are non-fragrant, but unusual.

Don't know why it's called Romantic Plant, except marketers are attemtping to lure customers by coining a flowery name. lol.

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garyfla_gw(10 Florida)

There are over 200 species in this genus of asian tropicals and are often mis named Usually what you find in mass markets is M. cumingii or acuminata ,not magnifica The BIg difference is the size and shape of the flowers You can google the family for ID's
They are often called" Phillipine orchids" though not even remotely related lol
i found them very sensitive with the first mentioned the easiest though I've never been able to keep them as an epiphyte. Anyway good luck with whatever you decide .
Magnifica truly lives up to its name when in full flower!!! gary

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auron22(6b OH)

Gah, so many possibilities.....never enough room. Not even sure my house has sufficient lighting. Need to think more practical and not just impulsively buy whatever plant is in line of sight. 8 months though? Wow....that is incredibly long. 25 dollars though, can't tell if that is reasonable, it was a good size with 4-5 buds already on it.

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Gary, I didn't realize there were so many species. I'll have to Google, too. :)

Auron, here's my Mendinilla. I got it at an online nursery. Actually, I thought this type was the most common.

Flowers that grow in perfect conditions grow larger and a lot thicker than mine. Toni

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auron22(6b OH)

Toni, love that plant.
The one i saw in store was "claimed" mendinilla magnifica.
it droops down below the leaves and has several pink bracts and a cluster of tiny pink flowers below them.
Gary, whoah there are so many, and little to no info on the web about them....all i could do was google image search. I'm ruling out cumingii, the plants in stores did not look quite like the images. Still wondering if it could be acuminata. Today i found that the plants in store have a website dedicated to this specific plant. I'll provide a link.

Here is a link that might be useful: Medinilla magnifica

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