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abigail1280(8)April 30, 2011

I asked this question in the Sansevieria forum, and I thought I would try posting it here as well.

My husband's grandmother unexpectedly died earlier this month, and they told me I could have any of her house plants that I wanted. I would've taken them all, but sadly, we didn't have room for them in our car. So I decided to settle for 2. I can vaguely remember my mother having some snake plants when I was growing up; however I've never had one of my own.

My questions are: 1) Can I put it outside? I do have a screened in porch that I could place it on, where it can either get direct sunlight or I can put it in the shade. I actually just saw one on someone's porch coming home, and I'm wondering if this is a good idea. The humidity here is already pretty high, and will stay that way probably until October or so.

2) Why are there broken up pieces of Styrofoam in the pot? It looks like there are some buried in the soil as well.

The longest stalk is 2' from soil to tip.

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tapla (mid-MI z5b-6a)

Bright indirect light is best, and it will love it outdoors in shade or dappled shade. Remember .... there's no such thing as a houseplant - only outdoor plants that tolerate indoor conditions to varying degrees. ;o)

The Styrofoam may have been used as filler so it didn't take as much soil to fill the pot, or it may have been added to reduce the total volume of water the soil can hold, as the plant doesn't like wet feet - no way to tell. If it was used as a "drainage layer" it wouldn't have been effective in that capacity, as "drainage layers" simply raise the position of the soggy soil in a pot from just above the pot bottom to just above the drainage layer.


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Very interesting! Thank you so much for the information!

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That's a beautiful snake plant! I'm a recent 'adopter' of one as well...and I set it out on my screened in porch. It gets pretty direct sun, but for only an hour or so, otherwise, it's mostly shady back there. He's thriving well! I think it does love the humidity. I also got some small plant that had similar leaves. I recently found out it was a baby snake plant! Who knew? I planted that one in a small container and within a couple of months, it's spouted 3 more babies. I'll have a full family before you know it. Long story short, that small one and its babies are in an indoor room with very little light actually, and it's also doing well. They must adjust easily :)

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Queen...Snake Plants/Sansevierias adapt to many conditions.
They do great in bright light, even a little direct, but too much direct south/west or outside sun, will fade/burn leaves.

One thing Sansevierias can't tolerate is over-watering. They rot.

Sans are better off neglected than too much TLC. Toni

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

Hey Queen,

Sounds good & Toni makes good points.

However, I'd be particularly interested in pix of the 'baby' Snake plant as Baby Sansevierias (Sans., as we call them for short) don't have babies, they need to grow up first.

Am curious & guessing what you've gotten is not a Snake plant. I have my guesses as to what it is (Aloes & Haworthias come to mind), but would prefer a pic first.

Whatever it is, am glad to hear it & its babies are doing well for you.

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I never realized there were so many different types of snake plants out there until I got one, and started noticing everyone elses.

I'd love to see your plant too!

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