Houseplants that thrive in shade?

bagfaceApril 6, 2008

Hello, with spring here ive decided to get some green into the house with some plants. I live in an apartment complex though that is surrounded by other buildings and trees and its an uphill battle to try to keep anything alive that isnt a cactus. I was just curious what plants are out there that can thrive in shade or very little sunlight?

I had a plant at one time that was like a greenish/purple plant that had kind of "furry" leaves that seemed to do pretty good but i dont know what it was called.

Thank you for any help that can be given me.

Bagface (Phil)

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That was probably a Gynura, but they do better with good light (or lose the purple in the end... if yours was vine-y that's what it was). Have you ever tried Maranta? They fold their leaves at night and have lovely red and white stripes (or the all green variety has darker green markings). Swedish ivy doesn't need high light, nor do peace lilies.

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I agree with Lucy, your plant sounds like Purple Passion.
Swedish Ivy is a good choice, too.
Some Dracanas do well in shady spots, especially Janet Crag, Pinapple, and non-variegaetd Corn plants..

Martantas, Stromanths, Ctananthes, and Calatheas (related) do well in semi-shady spots, but require humidity..
Many ferns do well in shade.

How close are neighboring buildings? Which direction/s are your windows facing?

Some Philodendrons adapt to lower light conditions.

Bagface, I'm assuming you live in an you? If so, by chance, is there an outdoor balcony or enclosed porch?

If you're determined to liven your house with greens, artificial lights do wonders.
You don't have to spend a fortune on lights..In our back room, we hung a shop light that fits two bulbs..though Grow lights work well, they're not mandataory..I use two regular flourescent bulbs, white cool, white warm. The last time I priced Gro bulbs they wanted 19.99 per bulb..if you can afford Gro light, give them a try.

Plant books list numerous plants describing light requirments. Go to the library, check out a few plant books..especially books w/info on plant instruciotns: light, humidity, watering, feeding. Toni

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Palms, ferns, snake plant and Aglaonema are a few more to consider.

Billy Rae

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saucer(10 SF Bay Area)

Phil, pothos and spider plant will also do well in your conditions.

As Toni said, supplemental lighting is also a good way to go. I also live in an apartment and know that it's hard to get the lighting right! I use 48" GE Ecolux "Plant & Aquarium" bulbs. They're $9 a piece but supposed to last 9 years, so you figure maybe $1 a year each? I have them in shoplights that I hang from a wire shelving unit that holds my orchids and sundry other tropicals.

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