Spider mites in the house?

MojaveLove(5 - IL)April 14, 2012

I just noticed at the bottom of the porch door there are tons of red spider mites on the part of the door inside the house. There is a plant nearby and I did a quick check for them on it but didn't find any. I have to check the rest of the plants in the house but...how do I kill them I don't want bugs in my house? Will regular bug killer work fine?

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Spider mites are so small that they are practically invisible to the naked eye. Heck, they ARE invisible to most of us! Even if you COULD see them hanging around, they wouldn't be on your door or anything else that is not a plant. So you have something else, another mite, but not a spider mite.

People often comment on clover mites climbing on their window sills and siding, etc. It seems a bit early for them to show up, but it has been an awfully strange winter, weather-wise.

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I second clover mites.

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Hi Mojave,
Out of curiosity, is there webbing?
If so, is the webbing inside your house? An enclosed porch?

Rhizo, you know 'X' % of every topic..lol.

I've never heard of Clover Mites, but was curious so I Googled.
They're 1/30" long.. Smaller than a pinhead. They're oval, reddish-brown, to olive to pale orange, sometimes green-brown after feeding.
Eggs are red..

If they're inside your house, you can use a Pyrethrins insecticide. You can also vaccum but the bag 'must' be tossed afterwards..they can escape from the bag. Yuck.

For some reason, the article says, use a vaccum cleaner with proper attachements, 'without crushing Clover Mites.'
Wonder why they can't be crushed???

Rhizo, would you happen to know? LOL.

Beside hoping Mojave rids these arachids, I believe there is some type of mite in our house. Coco, our dog is scratching terribly. I first thought fleas, but he was treated with Frontline AND brought to the vet.
No Fleas. But, he's still scratching.
Something is biting me, too. Mostly at night. I know what fleas look like; they are visible. These whatever-they-are, can't be seen. I've been reading about mites all week, coming up with different opinions and solutions.

Mojave, if these Mites are outside your house, the article says to spray with chemials or rid plants growing nearest your door/house.. Good luck, Toni

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Clover mites come up every year, in several of the forums. They startle people because they are so noticeable and because they seem to invade in large numbers.

I'd never suggest the use of a chemical inside the home. Plain soap and water can be used. Outside, insecticidal soap would probably help. The 'invasion' won't last very long.

I'd 'guess' that we don't want to crush them because they leave a bright red smear...on the wall, curtains, door, etc.

Maybe Coco should visit the (whispered and spelled) v-e-t. Doc could find little crawlies or see if it might be something else. Do these little bitey things leave marks when they bite you?

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Hi Rhizo,

Until Mojave's thread, I've never seen or heard of Clover Mites. Must have missed the threads.

Rhizo, how are CM's noticeable? Do they weave webbs? These mites are so tiny.

I won't use chemicals either, but Mojave asked if bug killers work.
Out of most insecticides, Raid, Black Flag, etc, some Pyrethrins are labeled for indoor/outdoor use. They say Pyrethrins are safe since it's a plant, Mum.

I prefer your suggesting using soap and water.

Thanks for the explanation about crushing.

Rhizo, maybe you missed where I wrote, Coco saw the vet.
He was given medication, 'taken there,' and I was told to wait 2-wks for a second visit.
Tomorrow I phone, hopefully they'll see him Tues, which is exactly two-wks.

Yep, they leaves marks. But marks disappear within minutes. They're very itchy though. Sometimes, when they bite, it feels like a pinch. So, right after a pinch, a mark forms.
Rhizo, I don't know what's going on..but I'm more worried about Coco than myself.
BTW, when he starts scratching, he gets approximately 17mgs of Benadryl, 2-3 x's daily. Thanks for asking.

I don't want my little guy suffering.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Clover mites are noticeable because they are much larger than a spider mite. Clearly, if Mojave noticed them on his door, then they must be totally visible at a glance. Their bright color makes them even more so. They don't make webs.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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