Can't find certain plant

flowerpottipperApril 20, 2012

Hello Everyone,

The other day I saw a Amoena Dieffenbachia at a friend's house, and I have been obsessed with getting one. But it seems like they (home depot and other big box stores and nurseries) only sale the smaller, compact type

Dieffenbachias...has anyone seen any Amoena Dieffenbachias for sale at all?? or is the type of plant that nobody sells anymore?? I can't even find any online for sale...

In other question is: "has anyone seen any Amoena Dieffenbachias (Giant Dieffenbachia) for sale anywhere in the United States in the past year or so?"...I just wanna know if I have a chance of ever finding one or should I just give up on the dream of ever owning one??

Thank you


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I can't help you with finding the plant, but please.. don't give up on a dream! Mine dream, yet has to be, it is just a small one, but I aint giving up.. putting it off maybe, but never giving up... :)

Good luck in your search..

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I don't know if mail order is something you want to consider. Here is the only online source I was able to find. I don't know anything about the company, but if you really want one, this may be your best bet. Good luck! -- Larry

Amoena Dieffenbachia

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Thank you Lamora and friend that owns the one I saw (it's over 6 feet tall) heard from another friend this afternoon that I wanted that plant, so she told me to come on over and take a cutting since it needed to be cut anyways since it was almost reaching the she gave me about 3 feet of the I stuck it in well draining potting soil...and I'm praying that it roots...keep your fingers crossed for me....

So now my new question is: what can I do to improve me chances of geting this cutting to root?? I don't have any rooting hormone and cant afford any right now...

But either way...I may end up ordering from that online store that Larry B found for me...which BTW...thank you Larry for finding it for me!!!!...I looked and looked online and couldn't find anyone that sells this plant unless I wanted a fake plant that looks like it LOL...

Thank you again Larry, and thank you Lamora!!


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dellis326 (Danny)

To improve rooting I would take it out of the soil and wash any trace of it off the stem. Let the cut callus overnight and then set it in a vase of water.

Keep a close eye on it and once the roots start to grow, then switch it into soil. The roots should be between little white nubs to about 3/4". Change the water every 4 to 7 days to keep it fresh.

When you plant it back in soil tie it to a stick to keep it from flopping over. Use well draining (blah, blah, blah, like you'll read all over this forum) soil and don't go crazy watering it.

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