humidity for prayer plant - am I doing this right?

bedebeep(7B)April 5, 2014

Hi, this is my very first plant that I bought a week ago. My apartment is very dry because the heat is still running. After reading about 50 online guides on how to care for it, I'm trying to do the thing where you put a tray of pebbles and water under the plant to provide humidity. However, they never say if you include the planter dish on top of the pebbles or not, and I could not find any pictures of this being done.

Please see my photo and tell me if I'm doing this right.

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It looks okay to me. You could probably add more water too. I know there are people who feel humidity trays do nothing for humidity, but I've never had any issues using them (haven't had plants show signs of lack of humidity).

I'm not saying that people who feel that way are wrong, everyone has their own opinion and what works for me may not work for others or vice versa. To each their own as they say. You could try it out and see if it does well for your plant and if it shows sign of lack of humidity, change it.

Some find 'Prayer Plants' easy, some do not. I believe they are known to be a little fussier than say a Pothos, some people's have even died back to the ground and came back. So, it may lose some leaves adjusting to your home at first, don't worry. If it goes through a stage where it dies back to the ground, it may come back, just hold onto it. Not trying to scare you, just don't freak out if it doesn't look perfect.


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Thanks, I added a little bit more water. Prior to this, I was misting it every other day, but I still felt like the top edges of the leaves were harder than the rest of the leaf, even though it did not turn brown. Maybe I am overdoing it! I think I will still mist in the morning even with the humidity tray.

I knew this would be a kind of learner's plant for me, but it's helpful to know that while it adjusts to its new surroundings, it might not look perfect.

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Sure thing. Some also have a different school of thought when it comes to misting. Some say it helps, some say it doesn't. I think some feel that it's only a temporary lift in humidity, but I say, do what you think will work, see the results, and adjust accordingly.


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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)


I don't grow this plant, but I grow many plants on humidity trays & if I understand the pic, that's what you're trying to do.

Problem, am surprise no one commented on this.

You need to pls. take the saucer off the pot or the plant can't benefit from the moisture as needed, the whole point for the humidity tray. The saucer is acting an unintended barrier thru which the humidity can't pass, you're blocking off the whole point of this method.

Good that you're already asking that question.

I bet once you take the dish off, you can stop misting, you'll see.

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I could be wrong, but this might be one of those attached saucer pots. I can't seem to find any decorative pots here that don't have attached saucers. I just end up using a larger humidity tray lol.

I forgot that you mentioned before in previous posts that you use humidity trays and feel that they work. I was beginning to feel that I'm the only one who uses them and believes in their benefit. :)

I am also surprised no one else other than us has responded. This forum has seemed a little slow this last couple weeks.


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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

Hi Planto,

Perhaps you're not understanding the mechanics of how this works. Are you using a larger humidity tray as you called it, but leaving saucers on (if they don't come off)?

I believe how this works is thru osmosis, the somewhat moist soil can absorb more moisture thru the soil as needed. No barrier (esp not a clay or ceramic one) will allow this to occur.

Sorry but if ornamental pots all have saucers, just go back to plain plastic or clay pots. The principle of the humidity tray simply WILL NOT WORK if anything is blocking the bottom of the pot; it needs to sits directly on top of the pebbles.

I KNOW the humidity trays work, I use them under ALL my Hoyas & Euphorbias & a few other things. I'm quite sure my Euphobia miliis wouldn't bloom so often w/out them.

I doubt misting helps much, tho' I wish to caution the Original Poster that if she fixes her humidity trays AND mists as well, that much moisture MAY rot the plant. I know you're a newbie & you've suggested you might be overdoing it; I think so too. In this case, less is more.

Yes, its' kinda slow -- for me it's work related; I work at an accounting firm & we're crazy busy at the height of the tax season. A week from now, I expect I'll have more time & be posting more (after I sleep for a couple of days, hmmmmm).

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In the past when I kept plants related to those,they would end up in terraria to insure they had enough humidity,but once they get used to that kind of spoiling,taking them out again would result in major pouting. My terrariums are too full of other things to make any room for one these days.

Pretty as they are,I know my limits! ;)

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I think I understand what you're saying. I have my 'Prayer Plant' in a plastic pot, which sits inside a glazed ceramic pot, which sits on top of a plastic tray with rocks and water. The glazed ceramic pot is 5 inches wide and my plastic tray (which is also circular) is 10 inches wide. The glazed ceramic pot has a small tray (to catch excess water) fused to the bottom, which isn't removable.

I thought that the water evaporated into the air, creating moisture around the plant, I wasn't aware the moisture needed to go into the soil to create humidity.

I can take a picture of my "setup" for you, but maybe I'm doing this incorrectly, or at least it sounds like I am lol. I haven't experienced any issues with what would appear to me to be lack of humidity though.


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