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scsva(7/VA)April 3, 2012

Placed and received order from Hirt's Gardens. One of the plants ordered was the Hawaiian Spider Plant. The one received is not at all like the Hawaiian Spider from Exotic Angel. This one has a dark yellow center with green edges and a truly gorgeous plant. They advertise as a "new" spider plant. Just thought I would let you all know.


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moving down.

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Do you have photo to post please?

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No but you may be able to see it at Hirt's Gardens Website. Their picture didn't do it justice though.

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sounds real pretty! :)

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Susan. I love Hirt's, but don't shop via their site. Instead I buy from Hirt's through Ebay and Amazon.
Combined shipping on Ebay is a welcome mat. Don't know if Hirt's site offers combined shipping.

Did you happen to see a Spider Hirts sells called 'Ocean'? I bought one last year..It's variegated, deep white edging, produces shoots and flowers, but flowers grow different than the common C. comosum variegated Spider.

I got this Spider from Ebay..Forgot its species. BTW, took pic when arrived...brown edges and torn leaves came this way.
It's supposed to be 'rare,' so I'm hoping new foliage will grow in w/o brown.

Leaves are short. 4-6" long..seller said leaves won't grow larger.

Susan, please post a pic of your new Spider. Toni

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Yes, I got both spiders. Both of mine arrived exceptionally healthy but the Hawaiian just blew me away!
Before that I have only seen EA's Hawaiian and it is nothing like that. The dark wide yellow strip down the center is very eye catching but I see now that more green is filling in.

I ordered thru Hirt's website and was taken thru the Amazon site to pay. I also ordered the monstera deliciosa which I was surprised to find is completey different from what I've seen in stores. I'm sure it is the same species because it looks like one I found in California years ago (and lost). At that time I didn't realized what I had until the leaves started splitting. It grows a bit smaller than the huge monsteras seen elsewhere. I also got 2 cast iron plants which I wasn't thrilled with-small.


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Susan, your C. Hawaiian sounds lovely..never saw a Spider w/yellow.

Is your Spider getting enough or too much sun? Maybe you should email Hirt's, ask a proper light question. lol.

I've talked to Hirt's Customer Service reps..they're very nice, helpful people.

Did Home Depot sell C. Hawaiian? Never seen one at either HD closest to our house.

Is the Monstera green or variegated?

There are different Monsteras. Some are naturally smaller, probably better when growing indoors.

Aw, Cast Irons..they're small? are they smaller than the ad stated?
CI's are alow-growing. If they're smaller than the ad said, you should ask for a refund or replacements. Hirt's motto is to make the customer happy.

I've got to get to's almost 3am. lol..Too tired. Have a great night, hugs, Toni

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I have the Hawaiian at my office in good window light as well as fluorescents but thinking of taking it home to place on the front porch this Spring and Summer.

The monstera is solid green.

I'm going to hold on to the cast irons and place them somewhere I don't see them every day. Slow growing plants drive me crazier than I already am. LOL!


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Susan, I've been adding labels, 'name & date purchased,' and should have been doing so all along.

I know I bought C. Hawaiian cuttings from Ebay, early-mid 2000, but don't have any idea which one it could be, lol.
Problem: Although the Spider was called Hawaiian, none have yellow stripes..
Could there be a green Hawaiian Spider?

Ditto on the crazy, lol.
Slow growth is one reason I don't have a Cast Iron. Variegated types are pretty, but I just don't have the patience.

Maybe slow-growth is the reason large Cast Irons are expensive, although Pacific Delights has larger specimens for something like 12.00..or were. I haven't visited their site at least a year.
Cast Iron, sold locally are highly priced. Back in the mid-80's, my dh and I hunted one down. One local nursery had a green, 10" potted CI for 35.00..35 in the 80's was a lot of money. Heck, still is, lol.

Many caudex plants are slow-growers, but they're too interesting to pass up. lol. Also, faster-growing than Aspidistras.

Will you pot CI's together or in different containers?

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That's a good idea about potting them together-One is Mary Sizemore and the other, Milky Way and look to have different growth habits, 1 more upright and the other a bush so they will probably look ok together.

There is a solid green spider plant but I don't believe it would be considered Hawaiian. Did you know there is an all green Bonnie spider although I have yet to see that one from EA.

My favorite plants are still hoyas and dracaenas are beginning to be one of my faves with all the new varieties on the market.


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Susan, I pot plants together for space..also, if small.
(except Caudex or trees)

As long as they require the same care, potting together is fine.
I want to scream when I see dish gardens containing a Palm, Croton, Pothos and Cactus!!

No, I didn't know green Bonnie existed. It usually goes the oppoiste way..more green than variegated plants.

Too many favorites to name, lol...
Have you ever seen Dracaeana Goldianna?
I bought one a few years ago, but it died. It's one of the prettiest Dracaenas ever.
Even though it died, I kept the pic..

Isn't it a beauty..Would like to try again, but they're impossible finding..bought this one overseas. Toni

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Yes, very lovely. Don't count it out since new varieties of dracaena are showing up in the stores.


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I'll send you some baby spiders once my spider grows up and pushes out babies. LOL!!! Susan

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Susan, I appreciate your kind gesture, but no need to send cuttings. I have so many now, lol.
Besides, I saw a pic on Hirt's via Ebay and their site. You're right, the pic doesn't do it justice. Not the least bit of yellow.

I have Ebay dollars so I 'might???' order the Hawaiian, Might. lol. I have a few baby Chlorophtums cuttings, NO ID species, and don't have room for duplicates.

But, thanks again.

About D. 'Goldianna.' far, the only places I've seen this Dracaena was in Thaland, China and Malaysia. I WISH they were sold locally, lol.
I'd buy a few, place in different light, humidity, etc.

One interesting Spider I have. An online friend sent a Spider cutting early 2000's.
Babies are variegated, but as they mature, they turn green. So, all new babies are variegated to start, then as they grow, they're green. Ever hear of this type?

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This particular Spider has a wide deep yellow stripe in the center.

No, I haven't heard of the particular spider that is green and turns variegated. Maybe it is a green baby off of a variegated plant but the color doesn't hold true or something. Interesting.


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Susan, okay, lol. You convinced me. Your Spider sounds lovely with a yellow, center stripe.

The girl who gave me the Spider had no idea what it was either.
I've had it 10+ yrs, Googled Chlorophytum species, but never found one similiar.

When she first sent a cutting, that same summer it grew a side-shoot. Weird, huh?

Thanks for the offer, Susan, Toni

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hi, i love spider plants. some people just dont get it because they arent very colorful and showy (my husband being one of those typed that dont get it) anyways, i used to have a nice collection of plants but then we had to vacate our home fairly quickly and i lost most of my plants in the move. im looking on here for anyone who would be willing to share some babies off their plants so that i could get back to collecting? im hoping for it to be possibly considered a gift from one plant lover to another because i dont have much to offer in return but if need be i will offer to crochet a plant hanger for you. ive just started making my own plant hangers, and i dont know how to do macrame yet but i can crochet and they are turning out pretty nice. i hope that i can start my collection back up, i live on a very limited budget because im a stay at home mom so i cant go out and buy what i want, and this would make my day to be able to have lots of plants again. thank you.

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