MY creative piano plant stand!

plantsaremylife_grow(5b)April 28, 2011

Hi all!

This is my piano plant stand. Hope you enjoy my pics. Can anyone identify the plant in the little watering pot holder? Enjoy! Kyle

P.S. They are really big pics! Sorry for those of you with dial-up!

I think its Asparagus Setacus maybe?

Thanks for looking! Nothing too out of the ordinary.

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Thanks for posting pics - that looks great!

I think the little water-can resident is a Podocarpus...


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GB- That's what I had originally thought as well. I found these pots full of whatever this plant is for 1.99. I couldn't resist so I bought about 5 pots. Meanwhile I now have about 50 of whatever these plants are. I have 2 large 4 foot podos. and the needles look nothing alike. I know there are different kinds of podos so I'm not sure. Anyways whatever theseplants are they are truly indestructible! They don't brown, crisp or fall of the plant. They take drought and overwatering very well. I have them in bright light and extremely low light and they just do wonderfully. It's a mystery! Kyle

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Kyle, your other potos: is their leaf arrangement feather- or twice-compound? If so, what species are they?!

I saw some large & lovely ones a couple of months ago; they didn't have whorled leaves like the ones you've pictured (& the ones I've seen in stores recently). I want to add the name to my wish list, but the Convention Center Plant Lady just said "podocarpus"

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GB- I'm not sure about the terms you've listed. Could you explain them to me? My tall ones I believe are P. gracilor? Sorry if that's misspelled. They are very soft to the touch. I will post a pic as soon as I can of my larger ones! Kyle

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Plants..your plantroom is beautiful. Very nice, healthy tropicals.
I thought the plant in the ceramic watering cup looks like a Podocarpus too. It also reminds me of a very young/baby, Parlor Palm. It's hard to say.
You'll know more as it matures..

The two most commonly sold Podoscarpus are P. macrophyllus and P. Maki. Google the names. For instance, 'Podocarpus macrophyllus, pictures.' A page of Podocarpus pictures pop up.

Very nice, setup..Does your filter put out a lot of humidity?
Ilove your Philodendron 'Brazil.' Toni

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thirdyearbonsai(Zone 4, VT, USA)

Man, that is so flippin' cool!!

Congratulations, seriously. Well done man.

I would love to share this on my blog, with your permission, as I think it is just the coolest houseplant thing I've seen this week.

I love the little fountain too, and I absolutely love the fact that your keyboard fits so perfectly!! What a truly unique, FUNCTIONAL piece of art!

Again, amazing.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Thirdyearbonsai- Please feel free to use this in your blog! Now that's truly cool to me that you want to use them! I love playing on the keyboard and hearing the fountain trickling and brushing my plants as I play! Talk about therapeutic! The strory of how this came to be is in the other tread I started about creativly displaying plants! Let me know when you use them, I want to make sure I read it!!!!!!
Hey Toni! It's the aleya garden thread Kyle. Slowly but surely my plants are making there debut to this site. More pics to come when I get batteries for the camera! It's def not a parlor palm. I have several of those and am familiar. These plants started popping up in all the stores a couple months ago around here. No one could tell me what they were. They are VERY slow growing. I just don't know. If you google pics of A. Setacus they look quite similar. These are the only plants I have that I don't know the identiy! The search keeps me busy! I love that P. brazil. It's one of my favorite philos. Kyle

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AndrewH(z8 Vanc. WA)

Very cool! Any idea what the two plants are on the top corners of the piano with the wide strap-like leaves?

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andrewh- Those two baskets are filled with Epiphyllum oxypetallum. I was going through a symmetrical phase when I bought them and had to buy two baskets of them and everything else I bought at the They are EA plants in 10 inch baskets. I've never seen the blooms yet so maybe that's not even the true identification?! I've never seen them available after I bought them anywhere! I look ALL the time because I love epiphyllum. They LOVE water! If you'd like cuttings let me know! At my house they are kind of in low light so that could present a problem seeing blooms. I just don't have any place else to put them. Kyle

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karate626(7A Maryland)

Wow amazing arrangement! I absolutely love the variegated heart leaf philodendron! I've never seen that before. I have a huge pot of just plain green philodendron.

I think I would plant the water-can plant a little deeper. I think I see roots above the soil.

If you want your Epiphyllum oxypetallum to bloom would it help to put them outdoors in the Spring, Summer, and part of Autumn? I bring out most of my plants and they seem to like the conditions better than inside my house (my house is extremely dry over the winter).


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So I'm stupid and apparently don't re-read. Not A. Setaceus but I thought it was A. falcatus. Now I think it's actually a podocarpus. I looked at a picture of macrophyllus and think your right! That's what I'm going with! So I guess I have about 50 podo. In the words of scooby doo...."rhat row"! Those pots have like 8 to 10 plants clumped.
Thnks. I love that philo. It's called brazil and it's just as easy to grow as the normal one. I can't wait to take my plants outside and they can't wait either! Kyle

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Plants..speaking of your Podo? in the pretty, ceramic the one pic, where it's on the edge of your piano, one inch over, it's going to fall...What a mess that'll be, and your pot will break.

Also, where did you find your Ardisias? Thanks, Toni

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Toni- Thanks I moved it. It would have been a mess! Those seedlings are so pretty too. They are already starting to get woody at the base. Must be podos! Makes me happy. My Ardisias I actually found at Lowes. In my town the Lowes is wonderful about getting these in all the time. The greenhouse is FULL of new HP's. Went today and they had tons of new stuff. Made a list of the ones I "need" lol. Do you have a Lowes near you at all? I only live 10 mins from Lowes, Meijer (another great place) and Wal-mart. Our Wal-mart isn't good about having HP's though. We also have a wonderful market called Horrocks that gets tons in the way of HP's and they frequently get Ardisia in as well. They tend to be more high in price but excellent quality. Have you ever had Ardisia? Kyle

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AndrewH(z8 Vanc. WA)

Kyle, thanks for the offer but I already have an E. oxypetallum! Mine isn't lush like yours, which is probably why I didn't recognize what yours was, LOL. I suspect I underwater mine, especially when you say it loves water.

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Kyle..nope, no nearby Lowe's or Meijers. There are a few located in IL though.
We went to Lowe's once, after hearing GW'ers rave about their Lowes plants. A 45 min drive, one way.
It's rare for me to walk out of a plant store, empty-handed, lol, but this Lowes was a disappointment.

They had some house plants, which I already had, 'don't want duplicates,' or nothing hat intereste me.
An employee and I got to talking, she admitted, that particular Lowes sold few house plants..they focused more on garden stuff.

Have I ever had Ardisia? Yeah, about 5 mins. lol. Our local grocery store sometimes has 3-4" potted plants for 1.00. There were a few Ardisias in stock. I bought one, got it home, removed from its bag.

We have Cockatiels. While storing groceries, one of my tiels ate the entire Ardisia..I was more worried he'd die, think Ardisia is toxic..He didn't, but the Ardisia was history.

As a matter of fact, I'm waiting for a variegated Ardisia..It was out of stock last time I ordered from the nursery, but the owner promised he'd contact me as soon as one was available.

Our mearest Walmart used to have a ton of plants, various varieties, but since they remodelled, there's very few. Hope they get more..every so often a rarity could be found. And their prices are great.

My plants are dying to be summered outdoors, too. I've placed my Gardenia tree out front 3 times the last couple wks, then temps drop and it has to come back inside.
Last year, it was brought out in March..only once did it have to come back in. Night temps still drop, and daytime temps aren't all that great either.

Well, thanks Kyle. Take care, Toni

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thirdyearbonsai(Zone 4, VT, USA)

Here you go Kyle-- this is super cool and I hope lots of people see this amazing creation of yours!

-3rd yr

Here is a link that might be useful: Piano garden

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Thirdyearbonsai- what a wonderful blog!!!! I hope lots of people see all the work you put into those blogs. Thank you so much. You rock!!! Now my brains really thinking about other pieces of furniture. I never intended that is would turn out the way it did and actually function. Everything seems to be happy in the piano though. I mist it everyday, especially the ferns! I just hope that this inspires people like it does me. Houseplant people are the most creative in my mind!!!! Thank you again!!!!! Awesome job on your blog!!!!
Toni- that's to bad about your Lowes trip. Makes me angry to hear about it. I will say this, Lowes doesn't hire the most qualified in HP here either. They would love to focus on outdoor stuff too! I would protest. The women that's a "live nursery stock speacialist" I've befriended and she doesn't know squat about HP. She admits it too! She is wonderful about marking things down for me. 10 inch EA plant baskets to 2 bucks if I want. I just tell and she does it. Can u imagine that I just love going out there?! It's too bad though, I can go out there and just point out to myself what will be dead by the end of the week and sure enough it is! They just don't keep things watered properly. I've thought about applying and been told I would get in. Hmmmmmmm.......... anyways. To bad they aren't more similar in this part of the country.
Our Wal-mart is that way. They have the worst selection but the best prices on plants. I seldom check there. There's a Wal-mart about 40 mins away that is completely different. They rock with there selection. We have family in that town so I frequent it and am often satisfied. Do you have Meijers near you? I find some of my best HP there. Kyle

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Hey Kyle.....
I just had to say, I love your piano plant garden...
how cool is that....all the plants (and very shiny and healthy looking too) and planters I like the little tea pot, don't let it fall and a fountain too.........thanks so much for posting, it was well worth waiting for your pictures.....linda

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Kyle..No Meijers either..well, there is one, but it's about 30 miles, 'further than Lowes) depending which road one drives. Traffic is always congested, to boot.

Funny about Lowe's...The day I went, while browsing plants, there were two other customers and a clerk..the clerk was watering. Well, over-watering, lol.

One customer asked the clerk a plant related question..clerk had no clue..I said, 'excuse me, I overheard....' I ended up helping both customers and talked them into buying a few plants..'plants I already have.'
The clerk said I should apply for a job there.' LOL. She said she was serious..they were looking for someone, and I seemed qualified..she even gave me her name as a reference. Truthfully, their plants were common, therefore I was able to name each, botanical and common.

You ARE lucky the woman marks down prices for you. But how can she be a specialist, yet not know about plants? lol..
Maybe you can help her??

HD employees are similiar. I worked for HD in the green house. I used to get sooo upset. Scale on their Ficus. I brought this to my managers attention..his response was, 'customers won't notice.' He was a jerk. I felt terrible..people bring home an insect-infested plant, it dies, and they take the blame, assuming it was their fault.

If ever you decide to buy a Ficus from HD, check for scale..especially the brown, hard-shell type..unless a tree is fully-inspected, they're sometimes hard to see. They blend in w/the wood..

Actually Kyle, I like online nurseries. Most big box stores sell the same, old plants..You can find rare plants online....Toni

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Toni- Wow you and I are so much alike! I've given help many atime too! In not sure how she got that title. It is sad though because I've heard her give mis-information to many a person. I always try to correct her in the most polite fashion. Sometimes she's receptive and other times hmmmmm... I know I have four people out there that I converse with regularly and had become quite friendly with. The two there that know lots about HP get stuck on the registers inside away from them. It's so unfair but they tell me they have no choice about the matter. I'm always please to see them in the GH, though rare it is.

Thanks for the warning. We don't have a Home Depot in our town. There is one in that town I frequent but I'm always let down with the selection of HP. I always read on these forums how people find wonderful things at HD, I just don't have luck with HD. I think it's a Michigan thing. I've been to many in this state and it's the same thing at them all.

You are right about having the same boring things locally. I find that especially true; particularly in winter. But that's no suprise with winter. I'm finding many things online that I've been looking for and dreaming about....thanks to you lol! Truly thank you!!!!! I never would have come into finding some of those nurseries if it weren't for you. I can't wait to place orders when the weather is more cooperative and stable. Seems like it's ever going to either! Kyle

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This is GREAT!! I'm smiling because I thought I was the only plant person that used their piano for a plant stand! I have baby African violets all across the top of mine. I'm impressed that you are able to play yours with so many plants on & under it. You've got me beat!


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Hey Kyle...Well, I 'think' summer is finally here. The last few days, temps were in the 90's..
My energy level rises when temps are 80F and higher.

Spent the wkend doing outdoor cleaning, and brought some plants outside..
Now they're predicting, starting Wed, temps are suppose to drop in the 40's!

I'm glad I was some help to you. There's many online nurseries around..the thing is finding one that sells good-size, pest-free plants..I LOVE Ebay, too..

I also count on Gardenwatchdog. There's one seller who deals with tropical trees..don't know if I should name the starts with a G, second letter, R, ends with a T..he's been ripping people off for years..I can't believe he's still in business..This guy has more Negatives than Positives..a LOT more.
Some people spent over 2,000.00 on plants from this seller..never got their trees or refunds.

For the most part, IMO, most online nurseries are safe.

Regarding the woman...yep, you have to be subtle when giving advice. Some people might feel offended..Is she the same woman who gives you free plants?

Wow, I thought, like McDonald's, Home Depots were everywhere. lol.
I hear some HD's, 'usually in warmer states,' sell all types of tropicals, including citrus..It seems HD's in MI, WI, IL, etc, sell the same, old plants..Very seldom do they have anything unusual. Oh well,

Do you have a local gh? Gh's that sell tropicals/succulents? Most nurseries, that were in business 100 years or more, recently closed their doors. We have two left that sell rare plants, but their prices are on the high side. I guess if a person wants a plant bad enough, they'll pay.

Don't want to mention the plant, yet, but I'm hoping to win a plant on another day to wait.. :( lol

Did you find any plants you want this weekend? Toni

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Toni- As a matter of fact yes! I recieved my var. monstera!!!!!!! It's wonderful. I got it on Fri and have been waiting to post a pic. I will do so tomorrow evening when I can borrow my sisters camera. I was very impressed and my faith is better in that nursery. It has 6 leaves. Two of which are variegated and he other four are pure white with one coming on. Yipee!!!!! Yes it's that same women who gives me the plants. I'm glad she isn't all with it though. Unfortunately there isn't any greenhouse locally. I'm shocked too about that. We do have one about 30 mins away that I try to get to often. They use lots of exotics as annuals and such. Tend to be good on price too. They had a beautiful selection of succ. last year but was there the day my car broke down and didn't see any. Maybe a tad too early yet? That's so true about wanting a plant bad enough!! I'm definitely one who will pay i.e. my monstera var! Lol. I would def suggest if you want one you look at my pics when I post them. It might help restore your confidence in 'said' nursery. Oooooh, i also found some Ficus lyrata. I love those. Found them downtown at Kmart of all places....beautiful! I'm going to get a couple prob on Wed or Thur. Do you have a variegated peace lily? Mine is on the way out...due to me:(. I'm gonna have a local market order me one or two maybe. I see them frequently there. Do you have good luck with eBay? I'm not very familiar with eBay soooooo it's never been an option for me, but maybe it will;). Kyle

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Hey Kyle. I can't wait to see your Monstera 'var' pics.
Kyle, I don't recall where you purchased your Monstera. I scrolled up, reread your posts, but can't find the nursery name..Was it Logees?
Ohhhh, I love pure, white leaves..They say plants that have all white leaves die, but I disagree.

Do you have a nearby Walmart? A few yrs ago, they had three or four shelves filled w/3" potted succulents. $1.25. Different varieties. I ended up going to Walmart 3 times that week. lol
Another time they had 4' tall Bougainvilleas, orginally 19.99. Each were staked..If I had known they planned on dropping prices, I'd have gone back. Walmart ended up selling leftover Bougs for 4.00!

They closed two KMarts around here, but every so often when I visit my sister, we'll stop at Kmart near her house.
KMart sometimes has decent, inexpensive plants, but it depends on the time of year.
Here in IL, most shops focus on garden plants from spring until autumn.
Another reason I love and count on the net.

Oh, you must check Ebay, Kyle. You'll be shocked what you find. Some plants are over 1'. Plus you can find numerous varieties. In the last five years, most of my new plants were purchased on Ebay, and other online nurseries.

WARNING: Ebay is addicting. lol. I prefer 'Buy Now' plants opposed to bidding. Don't have the patience, lol. And some plants sell over 50.00...very rare plants.

Don't forget to post your Monstera... :) Toni

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