Oncidium Orchid Score

kaktuskris(5)April 18, 2011

My local greenhouse sometimes has a "Mystery Orchid" sale, on orchids that are past bloom, but still healthy. This time, they brought the price down to $5. I think I picked the nicest of the bunch, a good sized Oncidium.


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odyssey3(7 noVA)

Wow--that plant looks great. I can't believe you got it for only $5!

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Very nice, indeed! Now comes the part where you keep it healthy and great looking, the home environment being quite different than the greenhouse it was raised in. I'm only a novice when it comes to orchids, though...

Personally, I've found that Oncidiums require a much more humid atmosphere than I can provide... and consequently, I lost the Oncids I had. It took me a little while, but I finally found the orchid types that could survive and thrive in the environment I'm able to provide.

I wish you the best with your new orchid... it's really a nice specimen! And what a great price tag! :-)

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Christopher..Very very nice, and all for a fin. Don't you love bargains? :)

It looks tall???

I'm not an expert with Orchids, only have a dozen or so..I spray their leaves daily, and most are sitting on pebbles. Every so often they go to the sink and get showered..It helps.
Great plant..Toni

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Thanks for the nice comments! I have 3 clearance orchids, a Phalaenopsis, a Cattleya hybrid and a Dendrobium from big box and grocery stores. My Phal had 2 spent flower spikes, so I cut them both back to a node, and now two branches with what I hope are developing buds have formed.

This Oncidium, which has leaves about 18 inches long, is the best of the lot, as it came from my local greenhouse, and other that not being in flower, is very healthy. I remember they had some flowering chocolate scented "Sharry Baby" Oncidiums earlier this year, and I am hoping that is what mine is.

Yes, I know humidity can be a problem indoors, but I managed to get the other 3 through the winter, and now with the warmer weather, I think it will be easier to keep them humid. I do spray them daily. For so many years I stayed away from orchids because I thought I could not grow them, now I regret having waited so long!


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MojaveLove(5 - IL)

I'm jealous. Everywhere I go I look for mystery orchids too - past flowering and on sale. I want to grow one into blooming and see what the flowers turn into! I can't find any place that does that yet though :( I am hoping that the Orchid nursery by me, Oak Hill Gardens, does that as I am planning on stopping by there some day soon, possibly Saturday. I doubt it though.

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If you can wait until September, I believe it is, the Chicagoland Orchid Festival is a fantastic time to score bargains on many young orchid types! Festival information is available at Oak Hill Garden's website, linked below.

A couple of years ago, my husband took me to attend, and I found several tables of discounted young stock at Oak Hill Gardens! Some as inexpensive as $2! Of course, many are still in the seedling stage, so they would require a bit of orchid experience and finesse to grow them to blooming size or age... but it's a nice opportunity to practice growing them without spending a fortune... and as we know, most blooming size orchids are rather expensive.

The saying goes, you have to kill many an orchid before reaching growing proficiency, and I think this must be true! I've killed several, and I'm not ashamed to admit it. Some of the types that are said to be easy for the average homeowner, and in average home conditions, are types that have met their demise at my hands, even though I tried hard to do everything right!

In my unique indoor environment, growing in sphagnum peat would be certain death, as would growing them in coco coir chunks, and I could never keep a mounted specimen alive. I seem to have found a happy medium growing my orchids in a rendition of Al's Gritty Mix. It seems to keep just the right amount of moisture available at the roots.

I've tried growing Catts, Paphs, Cyms, Dens, Oncids, Phals, Epis, and others... and it appears that Dens are happiest in my apartment, though I am nursing a couple of Phals, an Encyclia and a Cym along. I dearly wish Catts liked the environment I have to offer.

Last year, I found a decent sized blooming Dendrobium at Lowe's for $3... it has lovely lavender flowers, and is putting on new growth even now! So, you never know where that next orchid find will come from... you just have to keep your eyes open, always checking those sale tables!

Here is a link that might be useful: Chicagoland Orchid Festival Information

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Great score man! Forget waiting for Lake Street Nurseries to do it..lol

I myself have a few that I got for 5 bucks, Sharry Baby, a couple of years ago. One did reflower and one did not. I am just happy 1 did!


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