Saving a Money Tree

savannaicusApril 16, 2014

Thanks for reading and for any advice. A few days ago hubby and I were at a large chain store and I always visit the plant clearance section, to see what I can try to save. Well, I found a money tree, and usually they are in bad shape at the store from not being watered but this poor baby's problem was being over watered. He was living in a pot of mud.

So I went online and searched how to save him and kinda pulled all the info (there is a lot) and do the best I can. I took him from his pot and rinsed off the mud and wrapped the roots in paper towel. I changed the paper towels a few times. It was hot that day so I left him on the kitchen table for a few hours to dry. Then I potted him in loose potting soil. Its been two days and I haven't watered, but I have misted him.

He only has a few leaves left, I trimmed the ones that were to far gone. The trunk and stems of the plants seem to be strong.

So my questions are:
Is there anything else I should do?
How long before I know if he's going to make it?
Does this plant have a big root system? He didn't have to many roots, and it looked like the plant was branches that they cut into and got to root, which I figure is how they make money trees.


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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

The key is a potting mix with excellent drainage with these plants, so that you can water copiously without fear of root-rot. They don't like their roots to dry I'm not sure how the paper-towel treatment will affect the recovery. Place it close to your brightest window.

Post a pic if you can.


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