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abigail1280(8)April 27, 2011

Hello! Earlier this month, my husband's grandmother unexpectedly passed away. I was able to bring home some of her houseplants, and was curious as to what this one is. I was very interested in the spider plant. I'm not sure how long they've been together ... I only met her one time, and it was not at her home. Any information would be appreciated.

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The other one is a pothos, and looks to be "golden pothos" to be exact.


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Abigail...Sorry about your husband's grandmother..Hope he's okay.

Yep, Joel's right...the combo is a Pothos/Epipremnum, the second a Variegated Spider Plant/Chlorophytum.

Are you going to keep them potted together?

They will thrive in bright light. An east window is perfect..
During summer, set back a little from a direct sun, west..Pothos don't need as much light as Spiders, but they'll adapt to bright light..

Water thoroughly, until water seeps from pots drainage holes, but let soil dry between waterings.

A weekly shower, 'leaves' will keep your plants perky.

One more thing. Spider Plants are finicky w/tap water.
Add water to an old but clean container, or watering can, let sit at least 24 hours. Then give your plants a drink..Toni

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I should have thought about how my screen name looks, because I seem to get called Joel a lot, when it's actually Joe, with a 1980 after it for my birth year. Oh well, I'm pretty much used to it now.... :)


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Joe, the first time I responded to one of your posts, I too wrote Joel. Afterwards, I noticed it was a 1, not L. Guess I'm tired, late night, long

Abby, forgot to say, your combo is really pretty..Toni

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I think I'm going to leave them together. I actually saw a Golden Pothos today at Lowes, and I thought, "Hey! You look familiar"

Currently, I'm repotting and moving some plants out on to my screened in porch, so I'll be able to find a good place to put them!

Thank you both for your help!

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