Bloomin' dracena!

alison(6b/OH)April 30, 2007

I've never seen a blooming dracena before, but my co-workers plant started to put out a spike two weeks ago, and it's now about 18" long! It's right in a window well, and gets afternoon sun for several hours a day.

The bonus has been the fragrance -- it's incredible! A cross between lilacs and jasmine, and so strong it perfumes the entire station by the end of the day.

For all I know this is a common phenomenon, and I've just seen light starved dracena, but this has been a revelation to me, and I wanted to share.

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Beautiful....WOW!! I hope my corn plant does that one day!!


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Alison, isn't it fragrant, too? I love the scent..especially when they bloom mid-winter..Toni

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Alison, how lovely. I have never seen a Dracaena in bloom. That really is something!

(I should have a good talk with these Dracs of mine, about their lack of flowering. I pamper them, spoil them, cater to them...where is the thanks? LOL...)

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Well, I'd never seen it before -- but here it is again!

(I am so taking a cutting of this plant when I go!

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nanw_4wi(4/SW WI)

Cool! I've never seen one bloom 'in person', either!
Wish I could smell it, too! (Ã)

It's not real common indoors, but it does happen.
Seems that someone posted a couple of years ago that theirs had bloomed indoors.

Thanks for sharing!

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I have a dracena that is blooming at the current time. I was terribly surprised when I noticed the stalks. I have kept cornstalk dracenas for years and this is the first tine I have ever seen or heard of one blooming. I have three good sized heads on the pot and each has sent out a stalk of blossoms. And, yes, the scent has started today, as the blossoms have opened....very thick and heavy odor, but pleasant. Judy

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I've seen a lots of Draceana Fragrance blooming at one of our places of interest here in Borneo. The place is where you can enjoy the fresh water fishes swimming together with you. The owner of the place plants the Draceana fragrance along the road to the swimming area.

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