squash dying on the vine

cymraes(8)August 1, 2011

Both my zuchinni and pumpkins are shriveling up and dying on the vine. I have had one zuchinni and the rest look sick. They are in raised beds. Any ideas?

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dan_staley(5b/SS 2b AHS 6-7)

Any ideas?

Not with info provided. Pix needed.


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Are they baby squash and baby pumpkins when they die? If so, then they might be dying from lack of pollination. It's easy to pollinate your own squash and I do it every year. Just research how to self pollinate and get some reference pictures of which flowers are boys and which are the girls. It's really simple once you know what the 2 flowers look like:)

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Thank you lori - yes they are baby squash and the lack of pollination makes sense. I am getting some nice squash and then others just turn yellow and die when they are only about 3 inches long. I will look into the self pollinating.

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