Lucky bamboo - one stalk died, another starting to turn yellow

RRJSApril 3, 2011

My dad bought me this bamboo last Christmas and I love it, and he always asks how it's doing - I don't want it to die, it would break my heart. One stalk already turned completely yellow and I had to throw it out, and now the base of a new offshoot is starting to turn yellow. The leaves are looking all droopy and sad. I want it to look nice!

Here's a link to pictures of my bamboo, and where I'm keeping it:

It had originally come in a smaller green container that was ugly, so recently I transplanted it into its current container - a glass vase with stones. I keep it in that window and I've been opening the shades a lot lately, maybe I should be putting it farther from the window where it won't get as much light?

I only water it with Aquafina bottled water, and gave it a pinch of miracle grow a week or so ago. I read that too much fertilizer can hurt a LB plant so I dumped all its water and re-watered it, so now there isn't any fertilizer in the water.

Help please?

Thank you!

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karate626(7A Maryland)

I have mine planted in soil. They do much better when not grown in water. All mine that were grown in water eventually started to die like yours. I recommend planting in some moist soil.


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I agree with TJ. I got one about 13 years ago, and it came in a dish with pebbles and water. I kept it like that for a couple years, but then decided it would be better in soil. It has thrived in soil, and even grew new stalks, which actually are attached to one of the main stalks, but below the soil, so it looks like a seperare stalk.

If you choose to keep it in water, you MUST change the water often. I used to change mine every couple of days. Also, water has no nutirituve value, so you need to fertilize it, but because the fertilizer can't leach out, you must be very careful with it. Just look at typical fertilizer dilution. Per gallon, you only need a teaspoon, 1/4 teaspoon if you feed every time you water. Now think of that, and think of how much fertilizer you may have put in, even though it was only "a pinch". A pinch is probably good for a quart or 2 of water, depending on what kind of fertilizer you used. I would suggest you pot it up, and keep it out of direct sun, to avoid bleaching it. Mine thrives in lower light levels, with no direct sun. Good luck!


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This has grown in a large, bright, north window for 4 years. It sits above a radiator and gets blasted with heat all day. I think I fertilized once in a year. I changed the water once in 4 years. It grows in rocks in water. I have done everything you are not supposed to do and it grows.

I think your plant needs more light. One thing I discovered, this plant really responded to sparkling water...I'm not kidding. I drink sparkling water at my office and whatever is left gets dumped on it. I noticed it greened up and grew quite a bit after doing that.

Try increasing your light,

This is the window where it grows. Gets no direct sun but it is bright. It is on the left side of the photo sitting on the file cabinet.


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I'm getting mixed advice - should I keep it in more light or keep it out of light? Pot it or do something different with my water?

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

Everything I've read suggests that they do better in soil, and should be given bright light.
If the plant has been in the dim, increase light exposure gradually.


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Put it in soil, and give it bright light, but not direct sun.


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