Want a massive jade/Crassula

mrscarrots111April 6, 2014

So I lost a 75 year old jade I purchased from an estate due to frost during a move a number of years ago. I have been searching here in Indiana in vain for it's meaty replacement. I drool over the gorgeous specimens carelessly pitched for sale on Craigslist in California. I'm wondering if anyone here could point me in the right direction toward finding a really large specimen plant in N. Indiana...thanks!

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If you were in southern England I could help you!

Try contacting a local office plant company as they may be able to help. I know nothing about the wholesale system in the US but I can just pick up the phone and order up to 1m specimens from Holland.

I expect it would cost $200+ though!

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dellis326 (Danny)

There's a shop in Chicago called Gethsemane that always has large specimen plant for sale and large Jades are often on display. Try there.

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