Addicted to House Plants :)

Dacocoa(5)April 7, 2013

Hey, I've only posted on this site once or twice, and since, have just been obsessing over my plants. For the past 9 years, I've been growing houseplants in massive numbers. I got my first plant from my father, which was a Sago Palm. I'm not generally picky about the houseplants I like. I do prefer vines and tropical plants though. What are your favorite house plants? What do you have best luck with? Who else has an army of house plants?!!

One Plant Stand right of my bed!
Bottom Shelf, Left to Right: Angel Wing Begonia, Variegated Rubber Tree plant, Easter Cactus
Middle Shelf: Various Newly rooted holiday cactus.
Top Shelf, Left to Right: Thanksgiving Cactus, Swedish Ivy.

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Another Pic :) Angel Wing Begonia, and variegated rubber tree plant!

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Plants to the left of my bed! :)

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My Aloe! Started out with maybe 3 stems about two years ago, now it's so huge it has to be supported by twine to keep the weight of the stems from snapping the beauties! It even started shooting it's first babies this past January! :)

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Holiday Cactus Collection! :)

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Addicting indeed, and a very beautiful collection:)
I esp love the Hoya and the Begonias

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Beautiful collection you have there!
The Aloe is crazy big..
I myself just started lusting for plants out of no where! However I do not have that many....yet! :0)

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Hi...great plants and they look so very shiny and healthy...your angelwing is beautiful.....
thanks for posting....keep growing......linda

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They show all the love you give them, Nice job !!!!!

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auron22(6b OH)

Although i was interested in plants since i was a small child, i never really had that many (long term) houseplants until 2 years ago. I remember my first plant, a bromeliad 'queens tears'. I left it outside during winter in z5, so that lasted about 4 months. I was around 8 or so, could not really grasp why winter killed the bromeliad and not the trees at the
My current collection (I will post pics this summer of all of them);

Hoya carnosa 'Krimson queen'
Tillandsia ionantha, cyanea and bulbosa
Serissa foetida
Schefflera arboricola 'Gold capella' and a normal green one
Gardenia jasminoides or arabian tea jasmine (don't know)
Spider plant (variegated)
2 misc cactus
2 different haworthia
Golden Barrel cactus
Some euphorbia (sorry don't know either)
Peace Lily
Medinilla magnifica (newest addition)
Bllra. Tahoma Glacier 'Green'
Oncidium heaven scent 'redolence'
Oncidium sphacelatum
Blc. Hawaiian Lightning 'Fiesta'
Miltoniopsis hajime ono

Half of them are being looked after by a relative until i move in somewhere more suitable for them. I love all of them :)

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL(8B AL)

Hithere, your plants look greart, but especially love your Begonia!

I've got a lot of pics on ImageShack, you're welcome to check them out. Also a link to foliage article with lots of pics in profile.

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Thanks guys for the input! I still want to add more to my collection, as a majority of these are just bunches and bunches of holiday cactus! I had a bit of an obsession with them a few Christmas' ago.

Here's a picture of my most prized plant, my green rubber tree plant! I've had it for about four years as well. It started out about 10 inches tall. I finally brought myself to cut the stock so that it would branch out, and it sure did!

Please, post any pictures you guys have, I would like to check some plants out!

Thank you Purpleinopp, I will surely check them out! :)

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This site should be called: "Plant Addicts Anonymous"! We all just enable each other to keep up our bad habits. I am an addict, for sure. I have somewhere around 150 containers of plants spread across 2 homes in 2 states! Some of them are recently potted offsets/cuttings that are awaiting warmer weather so they can leave in trades, but the majority are permanent residents.

Drought-tolerant and general hardiness are really my main standards, since I'm back and forth, and in my absence the plants must put up with whatever care they are given (or not given) by folks kind enough to do so. I especially enjoy small-mid sized Sansevierias and epiphytic cacti, including the Holiday cacti.

One of my epiphytic cacti, Hatiora salicornioides, aka Drunkard's Dream, pictured blooming for the first time! It, like many of my plants, was started from an impossibly tiny cutting years ago.


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I have about 200 house plants. This is my living room.

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My kitchen.

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My bedroom.

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Living room in details.

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My terrace. Do check my flickr link below. I'm incredibly addicted.

Here is a link that might be useful: My House Plants

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hankeal, your collections are amazing. Those adeniums, are they your own?

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Han Keat,

"Stepping" into your collection is like visiting a botanical garden. Your plants look like they are all in top-notch condition. Everything is so clean, in its perfect place. I am breathless! Wish I could see it in real life!

Thanks so much for sharing.


P.S. What are those pointy guys in the hanging baskets behind the Burro's Tail? They look similar to a mystery plant I've got.

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL(8B AL)

Hankeat, enjoyed your pics very much, here and in your Flickr. Beautiful and educational, fastidious labeling. You also have an amazing collection of beautiful and kitschy pots. Cool!

Thanks for sharing!

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I'm absolutely jealous! If I had the space and light, I would have just as many! I love your collection! They are fantastic! Thanx for sharing em!

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Thank you everyone for the compliments.

@marguerite: The Adeniums were the show plants at a plants exhibition in Bangkok, Thailand.

@FrugalFanny: The plants behind the Burro's Tail are Sansevierias. They are Sansevieria ballyi 12671 (on the top) and Sansevieria aff. gracilis (at the bottom).

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Oh, I see, thanks. All of yours are in such wonderful condition, they looked like they could be yours.

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Wow! Love your collection of plants, how much time do you spend watering them?

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Thank you Han Keat, so I still have a mystery plant!


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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Marvelous! I'm sure that I'm not the only one who would like to know a little about how you water and maintain your plants.

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@drvongirl: Thank you! It takes me 1 to 2 days to water my plants.

@FrugalFanny: In fact you can ask people to ID your mystery plant here.

@rhizo_1: Thank you! In winter I water my succulents once and foliage plants twice a month. Normally I do it on 15th and 30th of the month (I choose these days, because they are easier for me to remember). In summer I water all of them every 10 days, on the 10th, 20th and 30th of the month. Sometimes I water them more often in summer. I can't grow plants that don't fit to my watering schedule. I grow almost all of my foliage plants (Aroids) in Lechuza planters. They do lighter the maintenance.

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hank, I'm sitting here with my mouth open in awe of your collections and your house is so darn clean !!!
Great post....

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Thanx Hank for stealing my thunder :) lol they are absolutely gorgeous, hope to get there some day!!

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Once you are addicted, there is no cure. Just give in, and enjoy it. Lately Jades are my obsession...


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Two words:

I wish.

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hankeat, I notice you do not have saucers under your terrace plants. they are on nice shelves too. do you just let the water drip? same shelves inside too on succulents? also no saucers? how do you water?
and what about the floors in the living room? I am speechless - how do you clean up? with difficulty, I presume ;)?
I have 120 inside and balcony pulls another 15 pots may be, seasonal. in the apartment.
this is my fishbowl: w-ne-e window double corner setup.

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on the eastern side of fishbowl is the balcony, facing NE, about 65sqf, 24fl up.
this is the pic in mid summer: I put a lot of my indoor plants outside on vacation, add caladiums, begonias, callas that I grow from tubers and then some annuals too with ivies(overwintered indoors).

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this is the kitchen isle setup: between kitchen and living room. I rotate some plants for display. this is my xgiving cactus (actually 2 stacked).

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and this is my west window in the living room. ficus lyrata are extra large cuttings 4/5 years old that I rooted from my big ficus. all other ficuses in the NE window I've had for about 18 years.

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this is the close-up of far balcony 'green-wall': callas, crotons, ivy, cyclamens that I grew from seed, 8 year ? jades from tiny cuttings, sansi (about 10 years clump? divided from mama plant ..from Woolworth that I still have..after 20 years).

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teengardener1888(NY Albany 5a)

All such healthy and vigorous plants. It brings out the envy compared to my pitiful collection

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hey, 'member I started 20 years ago? well, actually more like 30, but only 1 cactus survived from that time...
he has a name. he is honored.
it all STARTS somewhere. I suppose I progressed into obsessive category in the last 5 years. AV's really pushed me over - converting to wicks does wonders to relieve water-fatigue. I got a 2nd breath :))).

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@petrushka: In summer when I put most of my succulents at terrace, I keep their saucers in a bucket. As the planters of my succulents are quite small, I use jam jar lids (in different sizes) as saucers. Every evening I will bring in all the plants again. In living room the planters will be on their lids again. In fact the lids are quite invisible.

When I water my plants I put a grid on a bucket and then put my plants on the grid. I water the plants, let the waters flow through the planters and wait till the waters stop dripping. After that I just put the plants back to their original places. So the 200 plants must go through this process, therefore it takes quite a long time, especially the big planters.

The planters on my living room floor are the Lechuza All-in-One planters which have no drainage hole in the bottom. The planters have water level indicators that show the maximum level of water allowed. The water reservation in the planters does help to reduce my work and keep everything very clean.

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL(8B AL)

Petrushka, hadn't had the pleasure of seeing your inside setup before and it's on par with the balcony, as expected, wonderful and awesome! I especially love the trees, so nice and stately.

I feel your "pain," Hankeat! I'm not dedicated to shuffle many plants in/out but I do take almost all of them to the sink-for-a-drink. This past winter that was about 125 plants. There's a few really big ones I can't move. The bucket/grid thing sounds handy for the smaller guys!

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cowgurl160(4 SD)

@petrushka I LOVE your balcony set up! I'm going to try to use it as an inspiration for when I get moved into my new apartment with a balcony.

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thanks, purple and cowgirl!
if you have Qs, post on balcony gardening forum - it's easier to go into detail there. by the way, if you didn't click on han keat's link to his page - run! and check out his facebook terrace ! that really is more like a garden on steroids some fairyland!
han keat,
love your aglaonemas and various white variegation tropicals, quite unusual!
your bucket/grid watering is a very neat idea .
you should post pics on balcony forum too. even though it's a slow one, I would love to ask lots of Qs about the set up/ maint/etc.
I googled lechuza planters - that's top-of-the-line luxury! I would love to get my hands on them in the future, when I change my set-up and expand some more :)))...
I really had only about 50 plants until 6 years ago - a dozen have been with me almost 20 years and then another 20 I propagated from them over the years . so it was easy-breezy until I got a balcony and started water-wicking and doing seasonal corms/bulbs/tubers/ivies. everything just exploded.

This post was edited by petrushka on Fri, Apr 19, 13 at 9:20

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@petrushka: Thanks for the compliment.
Since I have reached the maximum number of plants I can have, I start to improve in quality, therefore I start to buy quality planters and modify some fancy objects to become planters. I also start to collect rare and expensive plants. (Variegated Agaves, red Thai Aglaonemas, foliage Anthuriums and Sansevierias.)
In fact the only problem I have is bugs, especially in winter because of heating. Normally I will try to sell plants which have bugs problems.
Thanks for the suggestion of balcony forum. Frankly speaking I am not very active in this forum. Normally I only visit this forum, when I need helps to identify my new plants. :)

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I looked thru the pics one more time to note what other people were growing - I see a lot of plants that I used to have and lost at one point or another due to sub-optimal conditions. mostly moisture loving ones, tropical.
my biggest problem was scale until I discovered systemic insecticide for house plants. I use it in smaller dosage then recommended though. together with insecticidal soap and rubbing alcohol diluted by half for sprays/wipes i manage OK. mites are a scourge. they recommend horti-oil, but i find that it burns house plants - so i only try to apply it to outdoor hardened plants. even then ivies hate it, all young foliage dies down.
my other plants like schefflera, podocarpus, begonias, gardenias declined due to low humidity and problems with watering. I find that self-watering system with wicks allows me now to grow much more difficult plants like aralias, ivies, calamondins, tropical ferns, crotons, AVs - anything that will die if dried out.
I also put my bulbs on wicks successfully: amaryllis after bloom and callas that I put out on the balcony in smallish pots that otherwise would dry out without water-wicks.
my humidity usually stays around 60% during heating season, and goes up to 70% in warmer season.
but when i put out my tropical ferns, aralias, crotons outside where we have 85% humidity in summer and 80-90F temps , then they really start growing!

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wow hankeal thats awesome and i thought i had too many plants haha, i would get more but my apartment gets good light only through two windows, my bedroom and my moms. Another dilemma is how to keep the cat from the plants! if i had so many on the floor i'm pretty sure they would all be nibbled on and i am not giving up my cat OR my plants, some of them are pricey. What worked so far is keeping a separate garden with cat healthy grasses and putting hot pepper oil on the edges of my plant leaves.

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faerybutterflye(7B OK)

Wow Hankeat, that is an AWESOME collection of houseplants! I'm so jealous! If I had the space & proper lighting in the house, I would probably have that many, as well! But alas, I do not! Great pics & great collection! Thanks for sharing! :)

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I think this has just become my favorite thread on GW. Awesome setups and serious dedication....and real estate devoted to the plants!

And with that, I no longer feel like a hopeless addict.

Unfortunately, now I feel like I need more plants.

Beautiful photos, everyone!


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"my other plants like schefflera... declined due to low humidity and problems with watering."

My schefflera is one of my best performing plants. The house runs at about 25 - 40% humidity, rarely going over 45% and have never seen it exceed 50%. Was your scheff an amate? The pic below is my schefflera amate solei and I've found it to be a tough plant that has taken anything I've thrown at it. I water when the top 2" get dry. I turn the plant when the leaves start going in one direction. Had no bugs. I've never sprayed. I just heavily mist 2-3 times daily. I even put this plant out in full sun (no clouds) for 8 hours yesterday, no transition, and its been growing like gangbusters. People say don't put this plant in full sun but I have to go with my gut and it looks to be thriving to me. I can see visually this plant growing by the day. My only issue is with very very strong winds on the balcony but the plant has been getting more rigid and so I'm sure it'll be okay in a few okay and take any winds. These things survive hurricanes so I have hope!

I call this plant, 'monster', cus it's a beast and can't be killed, lol. Anyways, I thought I'd mention it because it's such a beautiful plant and maybe there is hope.

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i didn't go into the specifics of each plant decline - after 20 years it's a longish list, even though i think i have slowly grown 10 green thumbs ;) , but always reaching for more:).
that particular scheflera happened to me about...21 years ago. it did very well for sev years and then got terminal scale 'cause i let it dry out and wasn't feeding it AND wasn't repotting it..:0) . just then i was terminally busy moving to a rather dark apt and could not take many plants - so it met it's maker!
it's one of the easiest and most robust plants. in florida they grow in full sun. in florida ficuses grow in full sun too. however, most tropicals for house use are grown in nurseries under diff conditions, mostly for HOUSE use and lower light levels. of course you can accustom it to a better light. plus you are quite far north - so the sun is much less intense at the moment. i do suggest noon shade for hottest months of july-aug.
yours looks really good. but it'll outgrow the pot shortly!
i am very short on space now and try not to buy fast growing plants that are also large - otherwise i'd have it. i ALMOST got a dwarf white variegated one past winter, but controlled myself.
let's see some pics of your plants on the balcony.

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I am new to this forum, just saw this thread, and must say that all of your plant collections are gorgeous! I'm currently in a small condo with a huge overhang and very poor light, so my poor plants are suffering a bit :( I cannot wait to get a big, open, bright place to look like all of yours! You are all an inspiration!!!

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