Showering plants~~ same as Misting?

Lamora(4)April 7, 2013

Hi, question on Showering plants, is it the same as misting? I have heard that misting is not a good way to go for a lot of reasons, but is a good showering doing the same thing as misting? Just wondering what you all thought about it... :)


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Showering is good for removing dust and impurities from plant surfaces, unclogs stomata and discourages some insect/ arachnid pests. Just make sure you don't use cold water. Tepid is best. Misting can be done between showers.

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

But whether it should be is debatable.

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Misting is often done more to increase humidity around a plant, sometimes including a foliar feeder.
Showering, as leafhead said, is more used as a convenient quick way for all-over leaf washing to refresh a plant from a build-up of dust, or even to assist in washing off pests such as aphids. But it has to be very gentle, or you may bruise leaves, and you need to cover the surface of the pot to ensure the soil doesn't get saturated.

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Hi...I agree that misting is just to add humidity...
and showering really cleans the plants....I do this a couple of times during the winter monthes and I would guess once a week during the summer time,unless it rains and that is very good for the plants, but then the plants are outside and its alot easier to do, just hose them off.....I keep them up on a rack so that they drain, don't let them sit in water.....linda

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Misting is also used for plant cuttings that don't have roots but could use a drink. I imagine it's good for other types of plants but this is a grade-A method of getting rootless succulent plant cuttings to root.

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I find showering does not do much at all to clean the dust off plants. If anything it makes them more dirty streaks and deposits. The only way I've found that can clean them is to take a dry cloth and individually wipe them down, top to bottom. Takes a long time but theres no other way. Then once you mist them they'll be dirty again. There is no way to out.

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Several plants in cultivation live long productive lives with nothing more than misting, the same can be said that misting can send plants to an early grave as well.

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL(8B AL)

It should be warm enough soon for plants to get out in the rain. That's really the best, IME. Tap water can leave lime spots on leaves, and putting it on leaves of plants sensitive to tap water chemicals is not a good idea IMO. The potential detriments outweigh the possible benefits to me.

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Maybe it depends on your tap water and what's in it? Every once in awhile I'll put a bunch of plants in the shower to remove dust and flush out the soil. I agree that rain would probably be better, if it's not a cold rain.

I have read in my old houseplant books that flushing out the soil can help plants because it removes built-up chemicals and salts from the fertilizer and water.

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