Anyone know what this is? (large oval leaves; purple/green/zigzag

kim31kimApril 6, 2012

My friend gave me a big section of one of her house plants and I'd really like to know what it is. It seems to thrive in a sunny east facing window and grows extremely rapidly.

The leaves are large oval and flat (probably 6"x3"). They are a dark green and purple with a zigzag line of white/yellow running down the center of the plant. The coloring is similar to that of a Wandering Jew, but that is the only thing they have in common. The purple & green color with the white/yellow/tan zigzag running down the center makes it VERY unique.

Like I said earlier, it grows incredibly fast and appears to take root wherever it touches soil.

Anyone know what this might be?

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if you can post a photo that would help a lot. I'm not sure if I am correctly picturing what you're intending to describe, but the reference to coloration like a wandering jew makes me think you might mean the wandering jew's cousin, "Moses in a Cradle" plant (Tradescantia spathacea). Below is a link to an example of one of these plants in the variegated form if that helps you figure out if this is the right plant or not.

Here is a link that might be useful: Moses in a Cradle plant

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Kim stated that the only resemblance to Wandering Jew was in the coloring. The leaves on this plant are 'large, oval and flat (6x3).

Yes, a picture would be most helpful.

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HelloPandaNF(Zone Five)

strobilanthes dyerianus, Gynura sarmentosa, Or Calathea makoyana?

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