Brugmansia...who has one?

elkay_gwApril 2, 2011

I know there is a separate forum for this plant, but I was just wondering if anyone here has one of these. I have seen this plant in front of a store I always pass on a nearby highway and I finally found out that it's a brugmansia. It seems this is a fairly easy to grow plant in a that true? I'll be getting at least one this year.

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I grow Brugmansia or Brugs as they are often called. They are sometimes described as a very easy plant. Zone 5 would be trickier than Zone 9 due to the fact this is a tropical. In my experience these plants can get big and can be a pain to lug in and out. Pruning is a must to keep them at a manageable size. When in bloom indoors the scent can be overpowering(some better than others, sometimes very strong). Personally I let my Brugs go dormant in the winter by keeping them cool(above freezing) and in a darker area. I put them outdoors in the spring(usually look like sticks at that time) then they start leaving out again. Last year I had two rounds of blooms on them. Once in early June then again in September. When cool the flowers last longer. Outdoors in containers I find Brugs to be very thristy plants that desire lots of feeding. When brought back in be prepared to treat for pests though. I've had problems with white flies and broad mites on these in the past. They are hard to kill, but can be killed with sustained temperatures below freezing. With a short freeze it will die down to the ground and come back from the roots. They grow fast and it is possible to get one to bloom in one summer. Keep in mind all parts of this plant are poisonous if ingested. The worst that I've heard of is when the sap has gotten in someones eyes during pruning.

With all this said I still love to grow these plants. It is a fun and rewarding challenge that is best to go into at least partially prepared. They have the most beautiful blooms(plentiful too) and most have a great fragrance(just strong indoors).

This past Winter indoors.


In the garden...

Also the peeps at the Brugmansia forum are awesome and have great advice and are almost always willing to share cuttings(Fall is the best time to make cuttings).


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Cool.........Thanks for the info and pics!

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