Easter lily

irishmusApril 22, 2011

I buy an Easter Lily every year, after it's finished blooming I usually throw it away. How can I keep it and have it bloom again in a pot not the ground. I also live in Hawaii if that makes a difference, Aloha

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It's very difficult to get them to rebloom indoors, because they are technically an outdoor plant, requiring a cold, dormant period in winter. Unless you're planning to store it in a refrigerator for winter, you're not going to get it to rebloom indoors.


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I don't know where you are located...
I am in Minnesota, and I just plant my easter lily in the garden...and a friend gave me a bunch from her church 2 years ago and when the frost is gone and the ground warms up they grow and bloom in my garden...last year I had about 36 blooming they multiplied nicely...linda

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According to what I found while doing a little research...

"The Easter lily is native to southern Japan. Prior to World War II, the bulbs were imported from there. Today more than 95 percent of all Easter lily bulbs are produced on just 10 farms along the Pacific coast in a half-mile wide and 12-mile-long strip of land on the California and Oregon border."


"If you are planting the lily outside after Easter, flower removal will help make the plant's food production go into enlarging the bulb and not producing seeds. They are not easy plants to get to re-bloom the following year when grown as a houseplant. They will re-bloom easily if planted outdoors in zones three through seven.

In zones eight through ten, they can be planted outside for the summer. In the fall, dig them up and plant them in potting soil in a pot an inch wider than the bulb. Refrigerate the whole pot for eight to twelve weeks, keeping the soil damp. Take them out and leave them in the pot or replant in the ground."

Link below contains more pertinent information on the bulb we all know as the Easter Lily. Hope this helps!

Here is a link that might be useful: Easter Lilies - For Home or Garden

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