Eggplant and Broccoli (fall garden advice)

Pegleg48(6a Toronto)August 23, 2012

A few things here:

Eggplant: I've got a couple eggplant plants that are growing quite nicely and getting plenty of flowers, but every one has dropped after a few days. I'm guessing they're not getting pollinated properly. I will try hand-pollinating.

Also, I have the container in a relatively wind-protected spot so maybe they need more breeze?

If I can get fruit to set, do you think I'll have enough time before October to harvest a few? (Black Beauty, are supposed to get big, but smaller ones are fine)

Broccoli: I tried to start a few seedlings indoors, and several sprouted, but while away for a week, they all decided to die since I didn't have anyone watering my indoor plants.

At this point, would it be better to start more indoors, or direct seed and pray?

Also, what grows well with Broccoli? I have seeds for carrots, beets, kale, lettuce. I'll be using a pretty deep container (24" apx), so there should be space.

The weather has returned to normal temperatures here, finally, though there's not much rain in the forecast.

Any advice always appreciated.



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Eggplant like a tomato is self pollinating. sometimes if the weather is exceptionally calm, a good shake of the plant will help, I expect tho that your plants are stressed which causes them to abort. While Black beauty is not a fast poducer you should have time if your weather holds until October since eggplant is used as an immature fruit which can be used at any size.
Even here in Georgia it is way too late to start broccoli from seed. I put transplants in around Labor Day. They need to head up before the temps drop below 22 degrees Fahrenheit.

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Pegleg48(6a Toronto)

Ok, I'll scrap the broccoli for this year and put in some carrots and such instead.

I'll keep at the eggplant. Maybe it just needs some special attention. it's gotten nice and tall and bushy, so no shortage of blossoms, which are pretty. I'd just like to say I produced at least one.

I'm going to have lots of peppers at least. Just waiting for them to ripen.


oh, afterthought: does anyone know if you can grow broccoli indoors?? Just an idea.

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September in Toronto is similar to August in Saskatoon in terms of temperatures. My eggplants are going gangbusters right now, so yours should easily last throughout September.

Next year, try growing the miniature eggplant types. They taste much better, have a better texture, yield heavily and yield earlier as well. Black Beauty and other Italian eggplants are grossly overrated.

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Pegleg48(6a Toronto)

Yeah, this year was the experiment year. Next year I'll probably grow miniature everything.
Tried hand pollinating with a paintbrush this morning. We'll see how it goes.

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