Surprise for me

drvongirlApril 26, 2013

Today I just happen to glance at this plant that I got for ten dollars at lowes. I had it for about 6 months. It's growing what I think is a flower! I know this is some kind of Chinese evergreen but I did not know they produced a flower. Is that what those buds are?

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Fraid so! :)

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After searching a little bit I stumbled on this site. Haven't read any of it yet but I think you may find the pics entertaining. :)

Here is a link that might be useful: Ag with berries

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I see it's one of the nice cultivars with some red, congrats.

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Which lends to the question...if it went to seed,would the offspring be anywhere near "true" to parentage or would it open the door to potentially new cultivars..? I'm growing seed from the cult of the green and light grey-green type seen in the link above and I'm loving every minute of it! :)

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Dvc, your Aglaonema/Chinese Everygreen is so pretty..Reds and pinks are my favorites, although green is pretty too. :)

Yep, the spaith-like thingy is a flower bud. Soon it will berry..berries start out green, then change to red when ripe.

Wish there was a nearby Lowes here. 10.00 is a fantastic deal for red Aglaos. Especially that size.

Asleep..did you sow seeds from your Aglao? If so, how long ago and have they germinated?

I've always wondered if berries on Aglaos are seed and if they are, if they'd be true or not.

What do you mean..."I'm growing seeds from the 'cult'" ??

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teengardener1888(NY Albany 5a)

There was just a recent discussion that showed roseyed's chinese evergreen flowering. Read the link for your enjoyment

Here is a link that might be useful: Recent post

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Sorry Toni,..
Didn't mean to mislead. By "cult" I meant cultivar(I was too lazy to type the whole thing).
We spoke about all this before in the thread I'm providing a link to at the end of this post. The tread was about my(so far failed)quest to find malanga root at an ethnic grogery,so it goes without saying that I got a bit off topic in my own thread(oh was mine,right?). It was on the 26th of march(I know this because I posted about it on that day)that I first collected the berries,and by april 4th they had started germinating(which was @a week earlier than anything I'd found on the internet said it would(Repeatedly I found info that indicated I'd have to wait at least two weeks). These days it's a little more slow going but they are getting bigger(if only slightly).

Here is a link that might be useful: This is the tread where we first discussed my seeds

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Hey drvongirl...

How are things coming along so far? It may be a little early yet to be asking but I can't help it...the anticipation is killing me! LOL

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Thanks for all the comments and link info! The bud is getting bigger but has not opened yet, I will post a pic when it does.

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So from what I'm reading thus far I've found that the flowers of many aroids have the male parts at the top and the female parts at the bottom or near the base. This makes it so that a pollinator will likely take the pollen from another plant down into the female part of a new plant which ideally avoids the plant self-fertilizing. The pollinator will do what the plant wouldn't be able to all by itself because the pollen won't have a way into the the female part below without it's help. Also... timing is everything apparently. The male flowers (what looks like a "flower" is actually the casing around the actual flowers which are teeny) will mature earlier than the females,thus a single plant shouldn't be able to fertilize itself. The seeds that I collected were already mature when I found them and there had been a number of other ags around so I would assume that one plant had mature male parts at the same time that another had mature female parts,but these plants were inside a library and even though bugs do get into such places,typically it's a little scarab type beetle that does the job so naturally I can't help being curious how the heck it happened in there...Oh well...somehow it did and now I have seedlings.

Meanwhile...there are artificial methods one may employ. I'm thinking they collect the pollen and store it until the female flowers are ready and then apply it.

Lets face it...right about now it's probably exiting enough just to see the spathe and spadix coming on and the idea of collecting seed hadn't even occurred to you. I'm just playing devil's advocate. :)

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