Al......been trying to alert you to this!

brodyjames_gwApril 30, 2014

Someone on ebay has been using your name in association with something they've been trying to sell! Not sure if you're ok with this or not.....

Here is a link that might be useful: That's not Al!

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tapla (mid-MI z5b-6a)

I know who it is - no problem. She's a fairly new member at GW, and has spent some time over at the container forum. She wrote a really nice email & asked if it would be ok to make/sell it. I replied that it was never my intention to profit from it, but if she and DH wanted to take a run at it, I had no problem with it. I wish I could share the email. It was funny, and in our conversation, I mentioned that if she was going to call it the gritty mix, it was only fair that it embodied the concept that makes the gritty mix so unique. I know she's screening the ingredients, and really wants to provide the best she can. I also get the feeling that it's not necessarily monetary gain providing the motivation to supply the soil. The reason I shared the gritty mix and the concept that spawned it with you guys was because it made growing healthy plants a breeze for me. She said she's excited for that reason as well, and wants to share what she found with others. Lol - it would be hard to say no to someone so like-minded, even if I wanted to.

I appreciate your watching out for me, but all's well. I have no connection to this person, other than the couple of emails we exchanged, but I wish her success.


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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

good catch.... But as long as Al knows and he is alright with it, then I wish her well!!!

Good luck!! ;-)


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Since Al is aware and approves, I think it is nice that this lady is helping him become even more famous for his soil mix!

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Al, your such a nice guy. There should be more people like you in the world today, it would be a much better place !!!!

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

Interesting to see someone giving it a try! Shipping weight has always seemed to me to be the primary hindrance or barrier in mailing this product.

My other comment is....that's a lot more sapwood than I would tolerate in my own mix.


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tapla (mid-MI z5b-6a)

Awww - thanks, guys! If I'm honest, though, I have to say that mainly because of how I approach the forums, not everyone views me as being a nice guy. I think the primary reason lies in the fact that I hate to see situations where good people are being led to believe something I know with certainty has the potential to limit their growing experience. No matter how well-intentioned it is to ride up on a big white horse and save the day, it can't be guaranteed it will endear you to the masses. ;-) When you challenge ideas, beliefs, habits, recommendations ..... the light you're trying to shed is often reflected in the form of heat. That's sometimes an unfortunate part of not going along just to get along, but to me it's more important the information that gets to you is accurate than it is that everyone likes me.

All in all, I've made friends here I wouldn't trade for anything; and the thousands of positive interactions I've had with wonderfully friendly folks make it pretty easy to shrug off the not so enthusiastic few.

The tiny pot was a gift from a GW friend. Look at the nap on the towel to get a sense of how small this planting is. The pieces of Turface the cactus is growing in are screenings that passed through the holes in regular insect screen - maybe about the size of sugar crystals. If I leaned a quarter against the front of the pot, it would obscure the entire planting. The needles on this hardy cactus are ridiculously sharp - just touch one and it's embedded ..... and WON'T want to come out. Just thought I'd share something a bit out of the ordinary.

Take care.


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"When you challenge ideas, beliefs, habits, recommendations ..... the light you're trying to shed is often reflected in the form of heat."

Wow Al,..That sounds like a great thing to say in a forum I saw you in not too long ago! ;)

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tapla (mid-MI z5b-6a)

Most of the people there are unreachable .... as you know.


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Lately I've been having a ball there. Nobody's beating up on me too bad so far. ;)

I've got a pic thread going in the conversations area at the moment. A few have even volunteered their faces.

Come on by and check it out if you get the time. :)

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