Creatively displaying do YOU do it?

plantsaremylife_grow(5b)April 20, 2011

Just a curios question I have. As I gain more and more plants, Im just wondering how some of you display your plants. Does it even matter to you personally. For me it does. I think its part of the charm of this hobby/life style lol. Do you layer plants or shelve them? We inherited a very very old upright piano with my parents house. We never used it; it was sharp, it was flat, it was beyond any tune up. It sat for probably 20 years in the same spot never moved. One summer we decided to get rid of it and gain some space in our living room. My parents began to dismember the beastly thing; removing all the keys, wires, hammers, pegs and guts of the piano. Suddenly I had an epiphany! I could use this hollowed out piano as a way of displaying my plant, WONDERFUL. Today that piano is still in our living room and now has an 88 key-keyboard in it, a fountain and many, many plants. Personally I think its charming when I'm playing to be gently brushed by a branch or stem or leave. Not to mention the trickle of water. All in all I think its just plain attractive to the eye. Of course thats part of the problem too. I cant get through an entire peace of music without glancing or manicuring my plants. Multitask, multitask. lol. How do some of you display your plants? Kyle

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north53 Z1b MB(zone 1b Canada)

I would love to see a picture of that, please!

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I'd like to see that, as well... it sounds charming!

For me, it's more about the needs of the plants, so display is a hodge podge of clay pots, all vying for space closest to the brightest windows!

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I just try to contrast color, leaf size and leaf texture. Of course your options are restricted by the light requirements of your plants so getting the perfect display isn't always possible.

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thirdyearbonsai(Zone 4, VT, USA)


I think you are absolutely right. How you display your plants is definitely a part of the hobby and also the aesthetic.

I also agree with North53, the needs of the plants are paramount, but I enjoy arranging my plants in a way that makes them happy and is pleasing to the eye.

I enjoy making micro-climates out of my smaller plants when I can too.

I would love to see a picture of your piano plant display.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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I use plant poles....
holiday cactus on a pole...and a easter cactus in a basket...

and burrow tail plants on a pole....

and my jades in a dressing table.....

just a few ideas...when I take my plants outside I will post a picture of my plant cove......linda

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I can't really display my plants because of light reasons. I just have to smoosh them up against the window and hope for the best. Honestly I don't even see a good number of them for most of the week because they're behind closed blinds.

Actually I think my worst-displayed plant is the Pedilanthus. It was braided around some plastic stake that I can't get out of it, ever, and is also topheavy and growing at a weird angle because of said stake. So I have it flopped over on its side behind my NIP. The parts that get light are growing normally and look fine although the pink variegation isn't showing up. I should get a picture of it actually. Maybe get some advice on what to do with it short of a complete disassemble-and-reroot.

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Linda- Wow what a beautiful selection of cacti and succulents! Those burros tail-wow! Succulents remain my most difficult group of plants to grow. Isn't that weird? I'm not even a heavy waterer! I loose them all the time when I try them. These pictures give me inspiration to try once again. Keep up the great growing! Kyle

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Hi Kyle,
I couldn't grow succulents either until I started reading on here, my problem was water...the best advice I got was....when in doubt, don't water..wait to see growth...
its working for me...I give them as much light as I can and very little water....and in the winter almost no water, I only water if they look like they are shriveling up then I water very little...and during the summer I put them outside...they seem to like what I am doing so far...good luck when trying some new ones....linda
want some cuttings e-mail me......

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Well, IF I had a larger house and some skylights I could make some nice displays with my plants. However, since I have neither, I'm forced to bunch them up close to the windows during the winter. When I take them out on the deck for the summer, I swear I can hear them go........"Ahhhhh". :)



Found a use for the tree stand my bird hates......

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WOW.....lots of plants how good they look.....
and you have plant poles, they are great..wish someone would start making them again...
I think my plants say the same thing when I take them outside...I still have to wait, its been so cold here...
spring has not warmed up yet...
I like your tree stand with plants....
thanks for posting....I like seeing your plants and arrangements...........linda

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I'm working on getting pictures of my piano setup as we speak. Jus have to take them and do the computer stuff with it. Now that's my kind of room(s). There's charm even in that display! I hope my plants can grow like that someday! It looks so natural and everything looks so happy! I love that tree stand. It fits the plants perfectly. Was that bought or did you collect those branches to make that? That would really be a beautiful bromeliad tree...if your into that of course. Someday for me maybe. Kyle

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