black roots on spidey

cghpndApril 26, 2013

Hey. I stuck my finger in the dirt of my spider plant to see if it needed a drink, I felt a root at the top ( which I repotted not that long ago). Well I looked at the root and its black. What's that mean. I did repot it and about a month Later I put some MG houseplant food in it while I watered. It wasn't as strong as the instructions said though. It seems the roots closes to the top are the ones...

Anything would be helpful. Thanks

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I took it out of the pot and rinsed it off, didn't want it sitting in whatever is causing it.

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Heres what they looke like when I did repot it about a month ago

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This is the pieces of the root that literary came off when I gently touched it. Sorry different post, but I haven't figured out how to add all pics at once.

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It could be that the plant had something wrong in the past, but the new roots look fine. Give the plant some dirt in a pot with a drainage hole. It looks fine.

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The new roots are almost all black. The second picture is from when I first repotted it, nothing was wrong with the roots at all, nice light color. The pic on top if you look close at it you can see the black, that's after I tried to get all the black mushy roots off of it. Could the roots be black because I used the plant food?

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jean001a(Portland OR 7b)

Rot. Excess water.

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Agreed looks like rot to me. Remove all rotting/rotten roots and re-pot. Should recover fine.

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