Golden Pothos has bugs

longstockingApril 2, 2011

I just bought my first house plant at Lowe's. I should have done more research first but it had a tag that said #1 houseplant so I went for it.

When I got it home I turned it upside down and noticed some creepy crawly bugs. They look like a centipede. Round and brown with a lot of legs. I picked off three of them just on the bottom of the container. Do I need to worry about eggs in the dirt, or more bugs? Could they infest my house or be dangerous? Should I take the plant back?

On another side note, if I keep the plant is it okay to have around kids who might take a nibble every once in awhile?

What is the best kid safe houseplant?

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As for the bugs, it's up to you. You can take it back, or deal with the bugs. To deal with them, I would wash ALL soil off the roots to get rid of any more bugs or eggs. You risk infecting any other plants you have by not dealing with it right away. I make sure and ALWAYS check any plant very close, including pulling it out of it's pot, and checking the roots, before buying.

Now, onto the safety thing. I've heard of cats nibbling at plants, but not children. I have two daughters, 3 and 5, who've never shown any interest in my plants at all, other then wanting to help water them. I don't know what the "best" kid safe plant is, because that's subjective. I'd do a google search of "non-toxic houseplants", and from there, decide which is best for you. I have many plants that are toxic, but note that many around your yard are toxic as well. I think a good majority of plants in general are toxic. There is many other things around the house I'd worry about my kids getting into before plants. It's kind of like the topic of "pools and guns". Many parents won't allow their kids to go to a friend's house who's parents own guns, but they'll let them go to a house with a pool. The ratio of deaths of children by drowning in pools vs being shot, is 10,000:1, respectively. So, in short, don't worry about your kids, or just keep an eye on them, or keep the plants up higher then a 1 or 2 year old can reach.


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