Aleya garden and ordering?

plantsaremylife_grow(5b)April 4, 2011

I'm really interested in this nursery. They have some beautiful plants that's I would loves to grow. The web site to me is a little/alot overwhelming. Can some one who has ordered from them before explain how to go about it. Is it very difficult? Is it a hassel? Also what method of payment you used. Do you think credit card is safe? Thanks for any insight and info


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Kyle, I've ordered from Aleya Gardens 4-5 times..He has beautiful plants, that ship well.

On the left side of the page are lists of plants.
Click on the type of plant you'd like. Let's say you chose Adeniums. Once you click on Adenium, several species pop up.
Once you see the Adenium you want, click on the picture, then click on 'Add to Cart.'

Everytime you add a plant your shopping-cart with sub-total pops up. When you're done, click on Checkout. Add your information, name, addy, etc. Last, click on your form of payment. CC's or Paypal. Paypal is the safest way to go, but if you don't have a Paypal account, your CC is safe with this nursery.

Shipping price is deduced by weight. Each plant lists weight. You can also calculate shipping price.
Shipping types are on the left side of the screen. You have three options. One is around 10.00, but takes a little longer to ship, the other option is around 30.00.

BTW, there's a 40.00 mimimum charge.

I've receieved some beautiful plants from Aleya. He wraps plants well, so there's no chance of harm during transport.

Someone will have to be home to sign for the package, since it's from overseas. That's about it..Toni

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Toni- Thanks for the reply. What about this phyto certificate? Do they supply that? About how long did it take to receive your plants?
Thanks Kyle

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Kyle..The Phyto Cerrtificate is included. Some out of state sellers charge $5.00-10.00 but his is included.

Since I went with the cheaper shipping price, my order took 15-20 days to arrive, but if you pay higher shipping charge, they should arrive 5-7 days.

What type of plants are you interested in getting? Toni

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Toni- I'm really interested in the red algos. They are pure stunning! I also would like the varigated aspidistra. There might be a couple others but those are the def wants.
If you don't mind my asking so, what have you received from him?

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very interesting supplier! has anyone in canada ordered from them?

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Hi Kyle..Mostly Aglo's, but I also purchased a few Hoyas, one Sans, one Philodendron, and one Adenium/Desert Rose.

If you can root Hoyas, I suggest checking out his unrooted Hoya cuttings. Prices are fantastic, and he ships good-size pieces. I haven't luck rooting Hoyas, so I stick with rooted types. lol.

Have you looked at some of his green/silver Aglaos? The 'White Diamond' is one of my favorites..Got this one summer of 2009.

My other green/silvers came from US, but this guy came from Aleya..I love it's silvery tones. Toni

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Toni- wow that is truly beautiful! I think that's one for my list of wants! I was thinking some Hoya. I never have tried to root one though. I'm a little weary about trying rooting for myself. I love getting the whole plant already worked on and ready to go. I'm so Are his red aglos easy and nice shape and form? The first one on the web page is the one I'm really interested in.

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Kyle, thanks. What type of Hoyas do you like? or are you playing it by ear?
Some people have no problems rooting Hoyas. I'm one of the few who can't. lol.

It's not a matter of being lazy, 'for me,' lol. I've tried rooting Hoyas using different methods but none made it.
So, like you, it's gotta be an entire plant..his prices are inexpensive, and worth every penny.

Yep, his reds are beautiful..he doesn't send dinky plants..they're all well-rooted, well-established, and well-packaged.

I know what you mean about the first Aglao on his site: Anyamanee? Anyamanee was the first plant added to my cart. lol. Here's what it looked like upon arrival in 2006/7.

I jotted a list of Aglaos and a few others I intend to order as soon as weather is warm enough to ship.
Which other Aglaos are you interested? Toni

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Toni-STUNNING! That red WOW! What beautiful eye candy. That plant is exactly what I want. I know what you mean about the weather warming up and waiting. I hate having to order around the weather.
I would also like to order Aglao Phet Lang Sit, Po Nam Thong, Pride of Sumatra, Siam Aurora, Tap Tim Jan and White Diamond. Those are the ones that truly catch my eye. Its funny I never used to care for Aglaos and now its like an obsession for me. I just love those leaves.
When it comes to Hoyas I already have what I call the basic ones. I have alot of EA plants and have made some orders from SRQ Hoya. Have you ever ordered from her...Joni? Shes wonderful. Im like you, I just dont have luck rooting Hoya or anything for that matter. Ive got a Hoya 'Chelsea' that I cut up in an attempt to make the pot fuller and Im sitting and watching all the cuttings yellow and leaves fall. Ive tried various techniques too and no luck. Under a bag they rot even with holes for air movement. But whatever. Id love to try cuttings again because your right, he does have good prices...and all that variety to chose from. Im looking at Archboldiana white, campanulata, coronaria white, imperialis red, lauterbachii...i just ordered one from another nursery for double what Aleya wants, praetorii, retusa and sigillatus. Im sure all of this is gonna happen. Im like a kid in a candy I dont even have room for any of this either but o well.
I plan on making an order with Gardino next month. Have you ever ordered from them. Beautiful plants and wonderful size in my opinion. Hopefully I can order with Aleya to come extent also next month. Next month will be better than xmas when it comes to the mail...hehehehe. Hopefully this Michigan weather cooperates for me so I can make some orders comfortably. This weekend its supposed to be 80 degrees. Heat wave!

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Hey Kyle. Where did you find your H. Sigillatus? I would like a nice-size Sig.

Yep, I know Joni. I've ordered a few Hoyas from her the last couple years.
I also ordered from Gardenios. I love this nursery.
If you're looking for more Hoyas, check out accentsforhomeandgarden

Accents prices are VERY reasonable.
Here's a few I got from Accents..Their plants come in 4" pots, most range at 5.99.

Another nursery I like is Kartuz. They have nice Hoyas, too.

I know what you mean about Aglaonemas. They're absolutely beautiful. Before the net and online shopping, there were two Aglao types sold around here. Never anything different. When I saw the reds online, my eyes popped open, lol.

Funny, some of the Aglaos you listed, are on my list, too. lol.
I really want Satinwet, but it's so darn expensive. 26.00!

I was given H. Lauterbachii a couple years ago. It was purchased from Logee's. I stopped shopping at Logee's 8 or 9 years ago, but like I said it was a gift. It is good-sized, but over-priced. Other than Logee's, I've never seen Lauter's sold elsewhere.

Have you tried Ebay?

I can root most other plants, but when it comes to Hoyas forget it. lol. Some plants root better in water, others, like succulents, in soil.

Kyle, you have quite a, viewing and purchasing plants is like a kid in a candy store. lol.

How many plants do you have and how long have you been growing them? Toni

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Toni- First of all, thank you for all the replies. Im really comfortable with this nursery now and ordering in the future sometime!
Sorry about the confusion...I dont have a sigillatus. Im looking to but one though...hehehe. I think I actually saw H. lauterbachii on Aleyas site for like 9.90? I'm toying with the idea of possibly buying one just to compare. It was Logees that I bought it for only because I was given an online coupon that took like 4 dollars off the normal price. It was an impulse! On that order I also bought an Elaeocarpus grandiflorus--Lily of the valley tree. Hopefully it will make it as a houseplant! The website(Logees) says it should but we'll see; another plant I fell in love with. Now Im looking to buy Tacca Integrifolia(my all-time favorite plant ever)-Ive had these before with no luck :( but Im destined to get it right! and a strophanthus caudatus and a monstera deliciosa variegata. Not too crazy on the prices on any of these three or the size pots for that matter but hmmmmm........ Dreaming! WAKE UP! WAKE UP! I could get into so much trouble with these sites and cataloges.
I'll definitely check out that site. Those are beautiful hoyas you've got! How many hoyas do you have?
I looked at Kartuz online the other day and was quite impressed.
Have you ever heard of glasshouseworks? Im rather impressed with the selection here too! I found this site while I was looking for Draceana thaliodes. I saw this plant on another post (questioning its identity) not that long ago. Its so awesome and uniquely different. My brains churning at 200 miles an hour! lol.
I'm only 23 years old. Ive been collecting pretty much right out of high school. The plant bug bit me and bit me hard! I started out with outdoor plants but living in Michigan you can really only enjoy them a couple months. Over that winter...BOOM I found houseplants. They have kind of dominated over outdoor plants; though I still enjoy plants outdoors.
I currently have a very eclectic collection of 200? houseplants. I dont really have and specific group that I prefer over the other. I have philos, ferns, succulents, hoya podocarpus, spider plants, dischidia, ficus, orchids, draceana, fittonia, aroids, palms, etc... The list continues and Im sure will only grow. Its funny how these things can all grow together with relative ease; for me any way. I know you have quite a collection of plants yourself! I love looking at your pictures you post. If I ever can post any I most def. will. This forum is so awesome. Ive been a frequent but not creepy! lurker for years. You learn so much here dont you?
I see you use a tray with pebbles for extra humidity. How does that work for you? Some of my ferns would prob appreciate that! Kyle

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Hi Kyle...It's great hearing you have so many plants. Do you have a photo account? Like Photo Bucket or Flickr?
If not, you should. lol.
Both are free. Well, let me rephrase that. Flickr used to be free. You can still upload pics for free, but allowed a certain amount.
I believe Photo Bucket is totally free. Since I paid Flickr for 2011, next year I'll probably go with Photo Bucket or another free site.

Are you growing Lily of the Valley Tree as a bonsai? How big is it? Is it a tropical?

Taccas are beautiful. Very interesting. Their flowers resemble a bat, hence their common name, Bat Plant. lol.
Never had a Tacca or Stephanthus. I doubt either would over-winter in my house..I was under the impression Taccas need a lot of humidity and fresh air?

I used to order from Logee's, often, in the mid-90s, when they're plants were a 'tad' expensive, S&H a lot expensive, but they had plants I couldn't get here. Their plants were in 4" pots.
This was pre-internet days, so Logee's plants were what I deemed rare.
Don't know what happened, but suddenly their prices increased, pot sizes decreased to 2.5", and S&H was higher than any other mail-order/online nursery.
The last couple orders were a vast disappointment, they lost my business.
Their plants look NOTHING like the plants we order. lol

Yep, I've heard and ordered from Glasshouseworks. Their prices increased, too, but at least they send good-sized plants. Or did. Think I last ordered from them 2 yrs ago.

One other nursery you must visit. Almost Eden Plants. Oh God, your heart will really race, lol.

Hoyas? Between 20-25. lol. My heart is set on H. Sig,, but doubt I'll ever find one that's decent.
What about you? How many do you have?
Is there one family you enjoy more than the other? It's hard to say, right?

I love MI. I have family in a town called Allegan. As a child, we used to go to their farm almost every wkend. Even back then plants amazed me. Wish I could have lived w/my aunt, uncle and cousins.

Yep, that's the problem living in cold climates. We can only keep plants out so many months, then before we know what happened, back in they come.

Humidity trays work okay..better for plants in pots 6" and smaller. I'm sure your ferns would enjoy being surrounded by water, especially during winter.,.
I also mist daily, shower as often as possible, have 2 humidifers, two indoor fountains, 'small,' and keep little, old glasses filled w/water behind taller plants.
All except succulents.

There are so many beautiful plants in the world, and every ear more are available. Before you know it, you'll have 1000. lol.

I'm going o get to's a little after 1am..Take care, Toni

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Toni- My you were up late! As far as the lily of the valley tree I'm going to grow it as it would naturally....or at least that's my intention! I love the practice of bonsai but I don't have the knowledge or the patience or the diligence to do that. I tried to get into bonsai probably 8 years ago and had no luck! O well. It is tropical I believe; at least I know it wouldn't grow in Michigan.
As far as the tacca go... Yes they do need high humidity, which is why I asked about the humidity tray. Gardinos site says as do others that they
should do well in conditions that sute peace lilies and phal. orchids. I can grow both however can't get phal. to bloom. I gave up on them for the time being. I can grow peacelilies fine and bloom them. The taccas I had didn't last to long. Some got root fungus. I believe all my problems at that time were water related. Humidity too probably... although I can grow some pretty humidity demanding plants with no added humidity. I'll be checking that nursery out by the way;) I'm familiar with Allegan. I live in Battle Creek- the cereal capital of the world... Or used to be! Have you ever been? Maybe you took a factory tour growing up? They used tour for years but stopped; I've never been in one. The smell of cereal in the morning is divine!- particularly in spring and summer!
I have about 20 hoyas as well. As I said before I'm pretty sure I have all the EA ones plus several dischidias. I'm kind in a Hoya mood lately. It started out ferns then Philos and ficus now hoyas. I just love a full pot of hoya. I remember it took getting some used to ordering them. The first one I ever ordered was archboldia(white) and it was a one stemmed vine about 8 inches tall. I was used to EA plants and was quite puzzled at what I received- not a FULL pot of plants lol. It tool some getting used to to understand what I would be getting for my money. As far as I'm concerned though if it brings a person i.e. Me joy it's worth the money. Maybe that sounds a little naive and unappreciative of the dollar huh? I'm really not; though my many lists of plants say other wise lol. 1000 plants someday huh? ah what a great thing to work up to. If you dont mind me asking, how many houseplants do you have? Do you do multiples of plants? I do on some. Do you have a favorite group of plants?
When it comes to misting, do you mist the plants in the present placed area? or do you take plants to the sink? I don't know if I could get into a habit of misting daily... wow. Although if it would benefit my babies then it would be worth it. Kyle

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Hi Kyle. Up late use Flickr to download pics..well, they changed something. I couldn't even sign in to upload pics. I spent 4 hours reading instructions, none applied to my problem. I changed browsers, now it works. Sheesh!!!

Are you going to plant the Lily of the Valley tree outside since you won't be growing as a bonsai? They're beautiful trees! And the flowers!

Growing tropical bonsais isn't as difficult as true trees. Maples, Elms, etc. Do you rememeber which bonsais you had? Do you know what a Ponytail Palm 'succulent' is? Give one a try in a bonsai container..they're quite easy, and don't require much care.

Battle Creek is the cereal capital of the world? lol. Which company? Bet it smells, um, um good, since I eat it for breakfast and sometimes
No, no tours. My father drove. Driving down, all I remember are tons of trees. 'along the highway.' My aunt, uncle and their kids would drive along, but my cousins were in our car.. We'd chat, chat chat all the way down. lol.
My mother was born in Benton Harbor.

Ha, don't get me wrong, I like Gardino's, but sellers will say anything when they want to make a sale. lol. Employees/owners say many plants will do great indoors, the next thing you know, you have a dead plant. I never had Tacca but have a feeling they're not easy growing indoors. Especially in cold, dry climates..But who knows, maybe you won't have any problems.
I never researched their needs, but if you read they're high-humidity plants, use a tray, mist and shower weekly.

No Kyle, I mist plants where they are, but I try lugging most to the sink/shower, one at a time, as often as possible. Problem is it takes 3-4 days to finish. By the time I hose the last plant, it's time to start

Succulents get infrequent showering, but tropicals are different. Hosing cleans leaves, unclogs pores from dust particles, flushes soil and perks them up.
Do you summer plants outside? If you do, ever notice how healthy they look after a rain-shower? It's 'almost' the same taking plants to the sink or shower.

Where did you get a Hoya w/one stem? Wow..Was it labled a cutting? Hope it wasn't expensive.
Were the leaves variegated, or all white?
20 Hoyas is getting there, lol. Do you like variegated types?

I feel the same way you do..if plants bring you joy, that's what is important. They sure do me.
Funny, I go through spurts, too. From one type to the next. Lately, I'm into succulents than tropicals..'depending on types,' not Cactus so much.

How many plants do I have? Well, not counting garden plants, I'd say 300-400, lol. Nope, don't have duplicates. In fact, when I prune, I ask friends if they want any..whatever is left goes in the compost. A few years ago, I'd root cuttings, then place different varieties in one pot, but those days are over..Running out of room, lol.
Thank God, this house has a ton of windows, but very cluttered. lol.

Did you know EA is selling plants online? The problem is, IMO, they're over-priced. I prefer buying smaller plants to large, so if I can get the same plant, smaller size, locally, I go with the smaller size.

Favorite plant is impossible to say. There's so many. Per family, there's certain species I prefer to others. One thing, I'm leaning towards variegated plants nowadays.
What about you? Do you have a favorite? You mentioned Hoyas. Is there any special Hoya you'd like to have?

I love Citrus. Crassulas. Euphorbias, especially 'Crown of Thorns.' Plants with a caudex/thick trunks. Philodenrons. Aloes. Calatheas. Again, it depends on my mood.

Yeah, if you have time, check out Accents. If you're looking or intereested in succulents, let me know. I'll tell you where I've found beautiful plants at great prices. One nursery, sells what they call nymph plants, in 2" pots @ 2.50 each.

Almost Eden Plants sells different types; most are large specimens, prices differ. But still affordable. Some of his plants are 2' tall, and full.

I can't wait to get more Aglaos from Yesterday it was 84F, today 60F. What a difference. My body doesn't adapt to change...from hot to cool or cold. 60 felt more like 40. Yuck.
I want to be 100% sure temps won't drop below 45F, before ordering from Thailand. You know?

Well Kyle, you're probably in dreamland, same place I should be..I have a few things to finish, put the birds to bed, then try getting some sleep.
This awful schedule must change, lol..take care, Toni

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Toni- I have been wanting to give bonsai another try. The one I had I never have found out what it was or ever seen another one. All I remember is it had white tiny flowers on it and nice flat leaves on it. It was beautiful! Battle Creek- we got kelloggs, post, ralston. If you eat frosted or corn flakes odds are they came from my city! Yes your right, Michigan highways are lined with tree after tree after tree! Not bad especially in fall. The colors o my! Of course you prob have colors in Illinois right?
Yes nurserys do have the same spiel about the "ease" of growing those hard or impossible to grow plants in the house. I'm optimistic though so we'll see...again lol.
Wow it sounds like you have posts of water work! I'm trying to break into that habit. Do you believe it truly helps the plants? I think it should. Yes I take most of my plants outside. I can't wait til this weather warms up and cooperates! Were having pretty nice days here lately; hopefully it's not some mean tease! That particular one stemmed Hoya was from gardino. It was one stem on a loop kinda. It hasn't done anything for me as a matter of fact. I actually found that plant in the trash the other day! Can u believe that. No one will fess up to how it got there; I know it didn't get there by itself as it was positioned no where near the trash. I think it was my dad...shame shame shame. I LOVE anything variegated! Almost all the plants in my bedroom are variegated. I never used to be and one day BOOM I fell in love with variegation!
400-500 plants! Wow! I bet that's a wonderful clutter! I can't wait til mine is like that! I'm already told mine are cluttering as is but o well. Yes I've ordered from EA and highly recommend. I ordered Hoya liniearis and Hoya australis. Sorry if those are misspelled. I'm typing on my iPod and the spell check is driving me crazy, not to mention this tiny keyboard! You must think I'm crazy and flunked english. Trust my I didn't though. Any way EA, wow BEAUTIFUL! The size was amazing and totally worth it. As a matter of fact I bought two of the Hoya aust. They grew lime crazy. I had to really keep watching for the Hoya line. I found it right when they went back on sale and havnt seen them available since. P.S. Mine doesn't look so hot. My fault since I hardly water it. It's also a mealy magnet! Oh those mealies... Lovely! I checked out both those nurserys and glad I did becaus I found some things for better value/price on those sites compared to where I was gonna order from! Thank you thank you! When I first started with houseplants I didn't really care for cacti and succ. Now however I love them although I don't have much luck for some reason. I think my winter temps are too high. I've lost many a pot of succ. and cacti. in the winter! I've kinda cooled it with those groups. But I certainly wouldn't object to startingup them again! Well my hands are cramping up...darn iPod! Got posts more to ask. Hopefully your back in a better habit of sleep. I'm not in a god habit myself. Best time to reflect and have personal time though. Later! Kyle

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Hi Kyle..Don't worry about misspelling. It's important, but what drives me up the wall is when people don't use punctuation.
One long run-on sentence that should be divided into three or more paragraphs, with , or. etc. Sheesh.

Was your bonsai a Serissa? Tiny leaves, and small, white or pink flowers?
Natal Plum makes a nice bonsai..Tiny fruit grows.
I got one Ficus bonsai at Walmart about 10 yrs ago. It's still in the same pot, lol. Think soil should be refreshed?

I'm glad you checked out the nurseries. Hope you find plants you like; you won't regreat it. Accents has quite a few variegated types..Typing 'variegated plants' in the search box gives a list of variegated plants.

Today, I spent the afternoon driving around looking for gritty sand. Finally found THE perfect sand to add to soil. Two blocks from the facility was a plant store I'd never been. So of course I stopped there..Although they have nice plants, 'most I own' prices were ridiculous. I ended up buying four, 2" potted plants and one 4". I won't be going 3.99 for a 2" potted plant!! No way..

Oh MI is beautiful. Trees along the highway, adds to the states beauty.
Yes, we have a lot of color in autumn. Reds, orange and yellow. I adore autumn, but don't care for the following season.

Yep, I eat Kellogg's cereal, but recently, it's been Cheerios w/banana. lol..Don't know which company markets Cheerios.
Bet it smells good while they're working. Ummm. lol

Kyle, you wrote, 'sounds like you have a post of water work' lol..what did you mean?

Why would your dad toss your plants? That's awful!! I'd toss something of his, lol. Revenge!! lol
How long have you had your Hoya, and what size pot is it in?

Hoya's prefer being a little rootbound. Tight roots promotes flowering. But if too tight, roots growing out of drainage holes, or it's not getting enough sun, that could be one reason it's not growing..
On the other hand, when a pot is too large, plants can stop producing. Roots need to fill pot a bit,, first.
Of course there are naturally slow-growing hoyas, too.

HD used to carry EA plants, but they went with another company.
It's strange. I've been to EA's website..there's a list of EA plants.. HD sold about 1/4 of EA plants..Always the same types, too.
I wish EA sold small sizes on their site. 10" is way too large. I prefer buying small plants, and watching them grow into maturity.

Your Hoya has Mealy? The Hoya that's not growing? Mealy will stunt growth, among other terrible things. What are you doing to rid them?
If your plants have insects, maybe you should wait before adding new plants.
Or isolate..In fact, you should relocate plants with mealy, place in a separate room...keep uninfested plants as far away from infested. Treat plants accordingly, and keep watch on clean plants to be sure they didn't contract bugs. It's up to you, Kyle..I'm not trying to tell you what to do, only making a suggestion.

I love succulents. lol. Don't care too much for cactus. They're okay, but not for me.
How hot does your room get?
One thing you can do is, run a small, rotating fan a few hours per day. 'Don't aim on plants.' It's not the answer, but will help.

Unless your succulents are under artificial light in winter, they don't need fertilizer, and water when soil is dry. I stop feeding between Aug/Sept, then restart when new growth resumes. No sense feeding a sleeping plant.

Also, soil must be well-draining. Do you recall which soil your cactus and succulents were potted in?

Sorry, didn't mean to write a novel here, lol. Have a great day, today, since it's after

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Toni- Busy busy am I! About the bonsai, I don't really think it was a Serissa but maybe it was! Do Serissa have paper like leaves. If I recall the leaves seemed to be ruff like in terms of the feel of each leaf though I can't quite recall!
I'd love it if I was able to find a new store that had plants. I'm VERY familiar with all of the store in BC that sell plants. I visit weekly to most of them; especially now that summer is coming up. Lowes, Wal-mart, etc will hopefully get good selections in:)
I really admire you for the fact that you like smaller plants. I'm the exact opposite! The bigger the better! I love large more mature plants. Don't know why. For me I think it would get out of control if I purchased smaller plants. I would definitely purchase way too many and not have room later on. With purchasing larger plants I get a better feel for the space they require. Does that make any sense?
That specific Hoya was linearis that was and IS still a mealy magnet. I just can't get rid of them. Do you have mealies? If so what do you use to get rid of them? I us the alcohol solution with dishsoap. I think it works for the most part. I'm not sure how it works though. Do you know? Does the alcohol destroy the body of the mealy? Hmmmmmmm?????....puzzled?
So are you using this gritty mix that's all the rage on GW? I'm very curious about it and it it would better my plants life then I'm on board with it! For the time being I use Miracle Grow. It does the trick for me I guess. What I meant was basically that it must be quite a task for your watering and misting that you do! I only water and that can be a task especially if a plant has dried out too much. Water right out the bottom of the pot! Apparently I'm in to watering our floors lol. I happens all the time.
When it comes to the succulents and winter our house is at about 68 degrees all winter. I believe that's too high. I think I also may let them dry out TOO much. Is that possible in winter? I bought a couple jades and aloe last week. Gonna give those a try. I like cacti the epiphytic and jungle ones. I love the epiphyllums and ric rac and the like. Somehow I've acquired several Rhipsalis-all EA. They're nice and look good hanging. I'm kind of getting in a fern mood lately along with the Hoya. Just what I need. Well looks like I'm up late now. I love reading your novels! Don't stop. I'm learning so much from you! You very encouraging to talk too! You know SO much. Very greatful! Kyle

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Good Afternoon, Kyle. It's nice talking to you, too. I enjoy conversing with people who appreciate plants and pets.

So, basically, you're like me. There is no one plant you favor. If I had to choose one plant, I'd be doomed, lol.

It's been a long time since I've had Serrissa. I can't recall leaf texture. Just that foliage is tiny, green or variegated, produce tiny flowers, and make great Bonsais.

Kyle, are you in US? If you'd like, I'll jot down a list of nurseries I buy from..LMK.

After reading the reason you prefer larger plants opposed to smaller, you make a LOT of sense. Very logical.
Although you've made a great point, I can think of other reasons I prefer smaller plants. lol
. I have a few plants that were sown/seeds and cuttings, from the early 80's. These plants have been with me most of my life. They have sentimental value.

I like variety. If I were to buy large plants, I wouldn't have half the types I now have. You see?
Living with a plant/s started as a youngin', watching it/them grow, flower, and even fruit, has deep meaning, and pleasure.

Of course there are cons keeping smaller plants. Watering, fertilizing, SuperThriving, hauling in and out. If I had 10 large plants, it' be so much easier caring for them. But Kyle, 10 plants? Which 10 would they be? There's far too many types I love. So many families. In other words, I can't choose one, ten or one-hundred. But you're 100% correct, keeping larger plants opposed to smaller gives you an idea how much room will be needed at maturity. I on the other hand will eventually have large plants that might or might not have window space..'unless I move to a home with a Solarium,'my dream.' :)

Then again, there's ways around it, 'if I don't get my Solarium, lol.'
For instance. I bought a variegated Yucca in 1994. It stood about 10". Up until last year, it was about 18' tall.
Thankfully, the area nearest the back (glass) door has very high ceilings. When the Yucca grew 6', during winter, it was placed by the door. Because it was heavy, I did something I thought I'd never do. Chopped and rooted. Now, instead of two trunks, there's multiple. Trunks differ in lengths, but no larger than 3'.

Mealy, the worse plant bug in the world, lol.
Kyle, I don't use chemicals, so I make a batch of home-made insecticide. It consists of most household foods like citrus, hot pepper, dish soap, garlic, and water. Every so often, Fish Emulsion is added.
FE kills Scale FAST. I believe Scale and Mealy are somehow related, so I spray plants with this mix every other wk, and guess what? No insects.
I spray using FE as a preventative.
A woman in Fl who owns a citrus nursery informed me they spray FE on citrus as a Scale preventative.
I once ordered an Olive arrived loaded w/scale. I phoned the woman in Fl, asked FE dossage, and sprayed away. Two days later all signs of Scale were gone..this was several years ago. My Olive is alive and well, and insect-free.

Alcohol works, too, but because Mealy finds secret hiding places, the plant should be entirely inspected, cleaned w/soap and water, then sprayed or wiped w/RA..Brave Mealy that sit on leaves should be wiped off w/a Q-Tip dipped in RA. Inspected regularly. A second and third application is usually necessary.
Some people used crushed, scented Geraniums leaves, placed on soil. They vow the scent keeps Mealy away.

Nope, I do NOT use the gritty mix that's a rage on GW, though the mix I use, is gritty.
Like insecticide, I mix my own soils..Ingredients depend on plant types.
Mix consists of bagged soils, like MG, Perlite, and Coarse Sand. A few other mediums, too.
Again it depends..for acidic-loving plants, like Gardenia, Peat is added.
Tropicals, are potted in the ingredients mentioned above, plus a handful of black, House Plant soil.
I've been using this mix for years, and feel no need to change at this point. I'm happy with the results.

Yeah, I know what you mean about watering the floor..Happens often. It's worse on carpets. lol.

68F for succulents isn't too bad. Some need a cooling period to promote flowering. The trick is, if the room is cool, even 68, don't water succulents at night, and don't keep soil soggy..they'll rot.

Did you say you were thinking of setting plants outside in summer? If so, the succulents that need a cooling period, and Epis, especially Christmas/Thanksgiving Cactus should be left out until first frost. As long as soil isn't constanly wet. The same with Kalanchoes and some Crassulas.
CC and Kalanchoes will flower by Nov or depends.

What type of ferns are you thinking about getting? Oh, do you have pics of your plants now? Toni

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Hi Toni- Sorry its been so long since I've been on. Internet issues at my house. Hopefully they're all fixed. I would love to see that list of nurseries you order from.
You make all the sense in the world with buying smaller plants. There is nothing more rewarding than growing a plant from a baby to nice adult size plant. The sentiments that go along with that are wonderful. Ive got some Pachypodium I started from seed and had about 100% germination rate. They are about 6 months old now and I just love them. I really hope these make it too long lives. Its nice to be able to look at them and think Ive known what they looked like there entire lives! What a great feeling to have!
Ive been buying smaller plants lately for that exact reason. It took me a while to figure this out but the satisfaction is just amazing...I imagine its similar to raising kids in a sense; although I don't quite know about that yet;)
I COMPLETELY agree on the mealy bugs! UGH! They are the worst to get rid of. Just when you think you got them all and let down your guards, BOOM, they're back! Not to mention they're in full force. Its never ending. I'm beginning to think they are gaining immunity to my solution. Scale...I just don't even bother with. I've tried with scale and lost EVERY time. Do you know anything about there life cycle. Can you kill the eggs? Do they blow through the wind? Also I'm interested in FE. Where do you buy it at? Ive never seen it or really heard of it. Sounds like a must for me though if I want to get rid of my pests!
An olive huh? Wow how does that grow for you. Ive toyed with getting one before but dont they require special winter care? Do they have similar needs of cacti/succulents?
With my cacti/succulents I never did water them in the winter. They always seemed to die early into winter too! I thought they died from completely drying out. I mean DRYING out! They got it completely at my house. The soil was bone dry? Was that the problem? I never water ANYTHING at night, even in the yard. I don't even want to try and invite mold or any sort of rot problem.
I have excellent luck blooming the Thanksgiving cacti. I cant wait til they go out. They cant wait either! I get so excited to see my plants outdoors and flourishing! Its just so wonderful. One thing I'm NOT taking out this year are ANY of my least at this time. I had a horrible experience with almost all of my hoyas and bringing them inside this past summer/fall. I even brought them in early compared to all of my other plants. It was a sad fall and early winter for me. Just watched hoya after hoya die. Leaves falling stems rotting! They did perfectly fine for months prior to going outside and flourished outside but when they came back in, boy was I told about it. The fishtail hoya is the worst for me. It was gone within two weeks of coming in. I have one now that's touchy. I don't look at it wrong thats for sure!
Well today I bought two rabbit foot ferns from EA. They are in hanging baskets. I just couldn't pass them up. Those fronds and those cute feet! This is unfortunately one of my most difficult ferns to grow. Ive had prob four in the last year...R.I.P. Im going to try misting these two and see if that helps. Im also thinking of getting a typical boston fern. Nothing too special or rare; but they are so beautiful. That lushness. I had a humongous one two years ago that took abuse and drought beautifully. Took it outside for the summer and it reacted the same way as the hoyas...suicide. I have the variegated BF and its wonderful. Was a little temperamental in early winter but doing nicely now.
Have you seen that Huerzzia that Aleya is offering? I believe its a fern?. Probably not one I should try but its tempting!!!!!! Im thinking of ordering DRYNARIA RIGIDULA 'WHITEI' from Gardino this month. Im trying to find the crocodile fern but cant find it anywhere. I had a juge one the first summer I started into houseplants. Got it at Wal-Mart for like 8 bucks. It was in like a 10 inch pot. I thought it was dead, no fronds but a green rhizome(is that the term?) and threw it out. Today I suspect it would still be here if I hadnt thrown it out. One of my biggest regrets so far when it comes to my houseplants. Maybe some tree ferns although had them before too...R.I.P. I'm bound and determined though. I'm just going to have to be more disciplined in my practicing.
When it comes to I haven't taken any pictures yet, but its on my list of things to do. I want to post some soooooo badly and show my collection. Trust me when I do you'll see and prob hear about it! lol Kyle

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Hey need to worry about replying ASAP. I've been busy working on plants, so, even though my computer is turned on, most of the time I'm doing other stuff.

Let me know when you want the list..

Did you buy one certain Pachypodium species or a mixture? In 2006, I bought a Pachypodium mix..there were 'supposed' to be various seed species.
Three germinated. Turns out all three were the same. P 'geayi.' lol. Gave two away, kept one.
I was hoping for different varieties, but when you buy mixed seeds, they usually add more of the most common.

How tall is/are your Pachy seedling/s? I'm glad you understand what I mean about starting from seed, cuttings, or buying small plants, and watching them grow.

There are a few plants I prefer on the larger side and grafted. Hibisucs, Citrus and Gardenias.
I also like buying plants from what I call the 'Dead Cart.' lol.
When a store's plants are dying or through flowering, they toss them in carts, hence, 'dead carts'..some are marked down to .10. I got quite a few in and outdoor plants and bulbs for a dime.

All I know about Scale's life span is, if they attack my plants, after being sprayed w/FE, they're life ends quickly, very short life we should research/Google life span of Scale and other pests.

Fish Emulsion is actually an organic fertilizer, and I must warn you, fishy smelling. The odor lasts 2-3 days. They came out w/an odorless type, but I've never used it, so can't say it won't emit an odor. In fact, I talk to a woman who used the odor-less FE; she said it stunk. lol.
IMO, I'd rather put up with a couple/few days of unpleasantness than have scale killing my plants. It's natural, organic, totally w/o chemicals..much safer than when ppl spray their homes with Raid, etc. The odorless chemical bug sprays might seem harmless because we can't smell the poison, even though it's there, or a sweeter fragrance covering it up..Still, we're breathing chemicals, sweet or not.

What are you using? You said you think pests are getting don't doubt it.

Besides FE being a fertilizer, 'which it's intended,' it works as an organic, foliar insecticide, too.

FE is sold at most nurseries/plant stores, and big box stores like Walmart and Home Depot. You can also get it online.. Its NPK = 5-1-1.. Ebay and many online nurseries. Someone might have it on Amazon, too.

My Olive is grown similar to Citrus. In summer, it goes outside. Fertilized with slow-release Citrus fertililizer, and a monthly balanced type.
No fertilizer from Oct-spring.
Once a month SuperThrive is added in the water or w/fertilizer.

Soil mix is similar to citrus, except it gets a little less Peat.

In winter, starting late Dec on, the Olive is bursting with white, fragrant pretty..

I mist leaves daily, except when in bud or flower.

BTW, I bought the Olive at an online nusery, It stood approximately 2' tall upon arrival. Another Trees were one size, for 19.99.
To answer your question, nope, don't do anything different than I do with other plants.

Kyle, do you think your C&S's died from lack of water?? You said you didn't water at all during winter.
When soil is dry, especially planted in small containers, they need water. If not, first they shrivel, then eventually die.

When your Hoyas were outdoors, what type of light were they getting?
I never used to bring Hoyas out either, but started a few years ago..they're placed on the side of the house, where sun isn't full-force. The larger Hoyas go out front getting west and north light.

Did you bring them in at once or adapt gradually? Some people do is less stressful. I can't. Too many plants, nowhere to go. But I figure, since the days are shortening, they're adapting to our climate, and what will be the next 4-5 months after.

When you brought hoyas inside, what happened? How did they behave before dying? In other words, did leaves discolor, yellow or brown, etc? What about pests? Did you inspect for bugs?

Rabbit's Foot Ferns are adorable..especially when mature and fuzzy paws surround the pot.
I checked out EA, saw the plant you got. Now you got me thinking about getting Next time I'm at HD, I'm going to see if they have little guys, buy 2, plant together, and voila, a new
Keep me posted on its progress.

Bostons are a lot fussier than Rabbit's Foot..Especially in winter..There's some gorgeous Boston varieties..One has gold leaves, the other is called Tiger w/stripes. I tried the Tiger but it died..Maybe I'll try again, lol.
A guy on Ebay usually has both as starter plants..Little tubes.
I wonder why some of your plants had problems after being outside??? Weird.

No, didn't see a Huerzzia..what is it? lol..I'll have to check.

Drynaria is an interesting fern.
Another Thailand seller had one for sale. I was going to buy it but discovered he wasn't selling a plant, just a rhizome..
He explained they were difficult getting started in my part of the world, so I declined.

You want a Croc Fern..go here. Eldon Tropicals.
She's a nice can phone or order online..but check her site. Go there, click on's the first plant that pops up..15.00..these ferns are limited so if you want one................
I wouldn't mind getting one, lol..better hurry before I grab

Hope you get a camera..I love seeing others' pictures.
Good luck, Kyle..keep me posted when you have time, Toni

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