snoring remedies

halley_rose(z4 Wi)January 30, 2009

I've been snoring pretty badly lately. I used to only if I didn't face the east when I slept. Now it's all night long no matter how I sleep. Breathe right doesn't help. Stress level is the same. Does anybody have any remedies?

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I would think that long extended times of using the heating system in your home would cause nasal passages to dry out. When that happens one tends to sleep with their mouth open. You see where I'm headed with this.

Try using a humidifier in your bedroom. See also if proping up on pillows a bit would help. Saline spray in nose before bed could be useful too.

If none of that helps I suggest hybernating in a cave until spring. TEE HEE. Dont worry you wont be alone. I'm sending my husband and my poodle there too. LOL


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use2bcapecodr(z5 OH)

There are mouth pieces you can buy that are supposed to help.

I would check with your doctor. You could have sleep apnea. If so, it needs to be addressed!!


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There are a lot of reasons for snoring...such as all of the above...I would try the simple things like the humidifier first...but if those don't work I agree with Sandy. Check with your doctor. My dad snored bad for a lont time. Later he found out that it was an indicator that he had a heart condition. After he had a quadruple bipass and an artificial valve put in he never snored again. So if it persists I would definately ask your doctor.


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Yep, you may have sleep apnea - my hubby snores big time (I wear ear plugs) and tested positive for that - but they said it isn't bad enough to treat. ????

Anyway, we tried SnoreStop Extinguisher (from WalMart). It's a homeopathic remedy and you just spray it in the back of your throat before you go to bed. It really works!

Link is listed below:


Here is a link that might be useful: Snorestop extinguisher

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Do you have a deviated septum? you can tell if you can't breathe out of 1 side of nose or could you have nasal polyps that are growing, might need to have dr. check it out! My DS had to have humidifier on whole time he was here! So if air in house is dry you may need 1. Did you start a new drug or go off an old 1, maybe that could cause it. Hope you get some answers here!! Jan

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tennesseetrash(7 east tenn)

Just noticed you're in WI, so you just might benefit from a humidifier. Are you any better in the summer months when not running so much heat?

My hubby used to snore much worse than he does now. That was when he drank 3 beers every night before bed, before becoming diabetic. Something about beer and snoring ...

Not to imply that you drink, or don't drink, just a personal observation from my own life.

Hubby has injured nose playing football, etc when younger, but for him, drinking beer made his snore much worse. One of my best friends noticed the same thing. ~tenderlee

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I would try the humidifier suggestion. I know the heat during the winter just sucks the moisture out of the indoor air! Hell, I snore when I'm awake! lol! If you notice that you don't snore as bad during the warmer weather months (what do we have 3 here?), then it probably has something to do with the lack of moisture. The Snorestop Extinguisher sounds like a good idea too. If it persists or gets worse, be sure to talk to your doctor. People with severe sleep apnea can develop heart problems like the late great Green Bay Packer Reggie White.

Good luck!

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My DH and I both snore and the above comments are true, he's a beer drinker and I'm overweight. We are not as horrible as we sound, I promise. We've tried the spray and it helped somewhat, I also think a humidifier helps me in the winter months. Over the years (34) we've been married I didn't snore during the periods when I was thinner. Unfortunately about 12 years ago we started sleeping at oppisite ends of the house, I hated it at first, but now we both love it and couldn't be happier. Short of a major stint with Weight Watchers and AA I guess that's where we'll stay.

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Several years ago I was snoring so loud I rattled the walls. I was also extremely tired. My doc sent me to a sleep clinic. I was diagnosed with sleep apnea. It's a serious condition if not treated. Now I sleep with a CPAP which keeps the air passages open. It gave me a whole new life! The CPAP goes with me everywhere I go. It's my teddy bear.

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I used the CPAP, but it wasnt very comfturable, i swithched to a snoring mouthpiece, and Ive been sleeping like a baby ever since, and the snoring is gone.

Here is a link that might be useful: Stop Snoring

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