Help for organic pepper plants?

margomouse(5)August 23, 2012

I have a friend partaking in a community garden project that is all organic. She has several varieties of bell peppers, habeneros, jalapenos, and chili peppers. She has been watering them consistently as we have had a VERY dry summer where we live. Does anyone have suggestions for an ORGANIC fertilizer for pepper plants to boost production. She plans on giving excess food to a local charity- and it is just not going as planned. The soil is a mixture of manure, vermiculite, sand, compost, etc.... Any input would be appreciative. There doesn't appear to be any bugs or fungus involved either. Thanks....

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digdirt2(6b-7a No.Cent. AR HZ8 Sun-35)

There are many available and a search here for 'organic fertilizer' will pull up many recommendations. The Organic Gardening forum here will have even more recommendations. Those two already listed are good as are all the organic products from Worm's Way and Earth Magic to name just a few.

These plants are in ground not in containers, right?


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The soil is a mixture of manure, vermiculite, sand, compost, etc...

Is there any actual dirt included in that mix? ;)

Too much of the good stuff can be bad for plants.

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I think there is some actual dirt too ;) hehehe ;) They are in a raised bed that is 4 x 8. The community garden project is a great idea here- really brought people together; and people who have NEVER grown plants- are excited at their harvests!!! Thanks for all of the wonderful advice. My friend is kind of used to using chemicals if needed in her own garden- but here- it is organic. I think that's great- so if someone new has the same spot next year- they won't have to worry about what chemicals are already present.

Thanks again!! I LOVE have experts to help :-)

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BTW- Soilent green is made of people!!! hehehe.... Great movie from a different time in my life :-)

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It is too late to encourage new growth and new fruit set in Zone 5. Any flowers/fruits produced now will not ripen in time. Best thing to do is wait and see what the late crop looks like. Bet those peppers load up now that the worst of summer has passed.

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