ron815August 13, 2014

Read where you can pretty much grow potatoes year round. I live in the piedmont of NC. Want to grow them in containers. Can't find seed potatoes now. Any suggestions on this subject?

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I just harvested some French fingerlings that I bought at the supermarket and planted when my seed order was late.

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you can grow them year round if you are in a frost free area. they will die to the ground if frosted.

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I live in Piedmont or hills of NC as well. This is my second year of attempting to grow potatoes. Everything here is for spring,summer gardening isn't it? Have you tried or heard of Woodprarie Farm? I've not ordered from them yet but they should know their stuff.

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Thanks for the advice. I tried Woodprarie a couple of times today, but just got recording. I realize that frost will kill potatoes but can bring containers inside.

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seysonn(8a WA/HZ 1)

If your weather anything like ATL, GA, now is the time to plant fall crop. It might be a bit too late but you never know. If you get nice fall weather you can harvest some.

Potatoes like cooler soil, cool nights .That is why in ATL

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Thanks everyone. Can't find seed potatoes anywhere so I'll just buy some at WallyWorld and see what happens.

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NC is too far north to get much (if anything) from planting potatoes at this time. If you are going to go to the trouble of filling large pots and lugging them inside when frost comes might as well choose something that will give results.

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