eggplant caterpillars (and grasshopper)

katty528August 5, 2010

i planted eggplant a month ago, and almost immediately noticed little caterpillars curled up in the leaves and BIG holes on the plant. i don't like using pesticides, so i decided to see if the plant could take a little damage first. well, it couldn't, and i decided to try Bt. i've applied it about 3 times in a 3 week period, and the plants seem to be growing faster, but there are still some caterpillars and something is still eating the plants, although not as much. how often do i have to apply Bt? do i just keep applying it once a week throughout the growing season? will it eventually kill all the caterpillars? also, today i noticed a pretty big grasshopper on the eggplant. should i kill it? will it eat the eggplant? i've never seen a grasshopper in my yard before, and i'd sure like to get some eggplants sometime soon.... thx!

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

How many eggplant plants do you have?

Yes, grasshoppers eat plants. They also make more grasshoppers. I'd get rid of any that you find. (Same with the caterpillars.)

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