The best way to freeze corn.

oilpainter(3)August 18, 2010

I have been gardening and canning and freezing garden produce for more years than I care to remember. All the family loves corn on the cob. I tried many ways to freeze it--freezing it in the husk--blanching in boiling water--just about any way you can do it I have tried. I always used just picked corn. We could always taste the cob so it never tasted like fresh corn.

Then I discovered steaming--it worked like a charm and the corn in the middle of winter tasted like fresh corn. I now have a steaming kettle but at first I used my roasting pan, 4 tuna cans and a cake rack. I filled the tuna cans with water and set them on the bottom of the roaster, then filled the roaster with water up to the top of the cans and set it on the burner. Then put in a cake rack so it was resting on the cans.

Turn on the burner on and bring the water to a boil. With a tongs lay the corn on the rack and put on the lid.

5 minutes for large cobs--3 minutes for small cobs

Immediately dunk in ice water to stop cooking. let sit for a while to dry off and package in meal size packages in freezer bags.

To use--thaw completely--I bring mine up when I get my meat out to thaw. Microwave for a minute or drop in boiling water for 10 minutes.

The best tasting frozen corn on the cob you'll ever taste. Not a hint of cob taste, because the cob is never cooked. The cob does get soft from freezing though so don't bite too deep

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sandhill_farms(10 NV)

Thank you so much for sharing your method of freezing corn. I have done so in the past and it always tasted horrible. I've got fall corn growing now so I will definitely try your method this year.

Southern Nevada

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makete(U.P. of Mi.)

I gotta try that when we have enough corn to freeze. Next year hopefully.

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I freeze it on the cob, husked, and raw. Field corn, and because the enzymes work just slightly in the deep-freeze, after a few months it has sweetened up just enough.

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tdscpa(z5 NWKS)

I don't have room in my freezer for corn cobs, so I blanch, chill, cut it off the cob, then freeze it. It tastes the same, is more convenient to prepare for serving, and only occupies about 10% of the freezer space it would if left on the cob.

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I tried your method of steaming my corn on the cob to freeze and look forward to the taste this winter. Also if you are concerned about taking up too much space in the freezer and prefer to cut the corn off the cob to freeze, try cutting it off before blanching. Not only do you have space to blanch more corn at one time but you are not tempted to handle the hot corn. Suggestion given to me by long time Iowa corn farmers who really know their corn.

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