Traveling Plants

stonesriver(6B Tennessee)May 14, 2012

Hi, All:

My husband and I are going to buy a fifth-wheel and do some traveling in the next year or so. Sometimes we'll be gone a month or more at a time.

Do any of you travel with plants? Do you pack them between stops? Or have stands or other methods to hold them in place?

Not looking forward to finding new homes for so many of my current house plants. :-(



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Hey Linda,

Bringing a plant or two isn't much of a problem, but when it comes to, 'how many do you have?' would be a disaster.

On the few trips we've made, 'buying a couple plants per state,' hauling back to IL was a pain.
I'd do it again, 'if we travelled and I saw a real rarity,' but it'd be a one-way trip. Going home. lol

There's too much to worry about. What happens if, God-Forbid, the 'fifth-wheel' has problems, or worse, breaks down?

If plants are standing, they fall. If they're lying down, they roll.
Leaves tear, soil spills.
Do yourself a favor. Go on vacation without worry. In the end you'll feel better.

For the time being, you need to figure a way your plants will be home, safe and sound, and cared for.

Do you have family or friends who know about plants? Someone you trust?

I believe most of your plants are small, right?
You might be able to find sprinklers or an irrigation system that can be set on a timer.

Some people place plants in the tub w/a little water barely touching the saucer. But, I think you'd need more than one tub, lol.

Others set plants further away from windows.

You might be able to find someone who does watering plants/pet care for hire.
I personally wouldn't want someone I don't know in my house while we were away, but some people swear by it.
They hire legit, 'insured' care-takers.

I hope it works out. Any special state you'd like to visit? Toni

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stonesriver(6B Tennessee)


Thanks for the reply. I appreciate it. Just so's you know, fifth-wheels don't break down. This one will have a generator and a back-up. And this isn't going to be a vacation, it will be a way of life for two or three months (more, I hope). We might stay in one place for two or three weeks or just a day. Lucky us, huh??? :-D And since all the others will be placed, care for them is moot.

I am looking for information on ways to secure plants while the fifth-wheel is in motion. I might not have made that clear.

Thanks for any help.


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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

Sorry to sound dumb, but what's a fifth wheel pls? Sounds like an RV of some kind?

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL(8B AL)

For pliable plants like pothos or spider, you could put them in a box, first slipping each one into a bag (leaving the top open,) which would hold the foliage together in a smaller mass, keep leaves from different plants from tangling, and hopefully keep the box dry. By putting them close together in the box, they will hold each other up.

For something stiff that hangs over the rim, like a jade, you could put some styrofoam chunks in the bottom of a box to hold the pot while allowing more room at the top for the foliage.

Use a few bungee cords to secure the boxes if you think you would need to. If they are on the floor, they would be pretty safe. As long as they don't get wet, the same boxes should last all summer. That's how I move plants around in the car.

Whenever we go camping, we see quite a few RV people with plants. I've seen regular house plants, and tomato and pepper plants. Sounds like a fun adventure in planting to me.

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stonesriver(6B Tennessee)

A fifth-wheel is pulled by a truck. It is not a bumper-pull but a gooseneck which attaches to the bed of the truck. You should Google them to see how luxurious (but unaffordable for us) they can be.

Wait until hubby finds out he has to park it just right for optimum natural light. :-)

Thanks, Purple. I was thinking bungee cords to secure large plants to the walls, too.


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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL(8B AL)

You're welcome. Wait until hubby finds out he has to park it just right for optimum natural light. I was going to say something about that, but hope you can find somewhere outside for them while you're parked. Maybe bring a card table and cheery plastic tablecloth? And, I didn't say above, but I was assuming as I was writing that you'll only drive for a day, then stop long enough to unpack for a while. Even if they're paper bags, this wouldn't be good for plants for more than a day.

What is it about guys and RV's? This is how my honey wants to "retire." Ugh!! Unless we win the lottery, I don't have to worry about it. It does sound like fun for a (temporary) while. Then I would want to go home.

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stonesriver(6B Tennessee)

We both love sightseeing. We decided on a fifth-wheel so we can park it and take the dogs and truck and go places an RV can't reach....and stay at a motel if we want.

And what's even funnier....this RV thing was my idea. :-) We're even downsizing our dogs from German Shorthaired Pointers to Shih Tzus!

I know we'll have fun but the plants have to travel with us or it wouldn't seems like home.

Thanks for the input,


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Linda- Sounds like a TON OF FUN! My DH and I have been dreaming of doing that for a very long time.. but like you said, kinda out of our price range right now.. :( (lotto sounds good right now)

Anyway- what ever you decide to do with your plants, You have fun, drive safe, be good to eachother.. but most of all-- HAVE FUN!! I envy you right now-- ;)


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My in-laws had a class A, and my m-in-law had a couple of plants that just fit snug into the sink when they were moving.

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Linda, how long will you be gone the first time you travel?

Perhaps, 'if you bring your plants,' you and dh should start out on a short trip, just to get the feel of bringing plants on

A week.

Like I said above, we did the opposite. The few times we travelled, we stopped in nurseries, 'different states,' ended up bringing plants

While in TN, we found a small, 'smaller than a barn,' semi-enclosed building, packed with plants, in and outside. I ended up buying 2 Banana trees and a couple small plants.
While in the hotel/motel, plants were placed in the window. The maids gave me a 'strange' look, lol.

On the way home, 'sigh,' small plants were placed in a cardboard box, and unfortunately, bananas, which were 2-3', lay horizontal.

Honestly, though, I too am envious. Your trips will be a lot of fun. Romantic. Seeing new places. No cleaning or cooking, lol. You and dh driving under the stars.

Will you be w/o a computer? lol

Be safe, Toni

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