How big can croton leaves get? Reaching 16in in length on mine..

dalar_caMay 10, 2010

I have a five-plus year old, 5 foot tall croton at the moment, and it's pushing out leaves bigger than I've ever seen before. Previously the biggest were maybe 11 or 12 inches from stem to tip, but these new ones are just over 16 inches!

Also, the pattern has slightly changed this season. It's always had the same pattern, generally solid colors green w/yellow veins and spots, however it is now pushing out leaves with a fade from yellow to green. I know these plants can change how they look unexpectedly in the first couple years, but this plant I purchased in 2005, and it was likely at least a year old by then. Didn't expect changes by this point...

anyhow, how big can these leaves get? I thought I was already pushing the outer limits at 12 inches, but I guess not...

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linda_schreiber(z5/6 MI)

Both the increasing leaf size, and the color shifts.... I would bet it needs more intense light. Is the spot it is in more shaded/sheltered over the last few years?

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Actually, if anything it's more intense this year. Though it is in a colder location. We moved last July and it hasn't moved since then, but previous springs it was in a warmer apartment with less light (west window both times, but this time it's huge bay windows). The insulation in this place isn't as good, and it's chilly out still.

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I remember reading somewhere that Cordyline colors become more intense when they are protected from hot weather.

I had a Croton in my old office that under went similar changes, increased coloration and leaf size. The yellows will eventually face to orange then red. Don't worry your plant is fine.

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Wow and amazing beautiful Dalar!!!

How do you keep these lovely plants and the Cordyline exempt from SPIDERMITES????! I have never been able to own one with being attacked by these beasts!



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Ugh, mites, yeah, it gets them now and again and I just keep spraying for them. My smaller crotons have a harder time dealing with them, I really wish I could wipe the mites out completely, but nothing has worked so far. I've just decided to live with it and spray whenever I think of it. :)

I like how this plant is doing, just the color change threw me off, and the leaf size impressed me. I've noticed a lot of houseplants tend to get bigger leaves the taller they are (like pothos' when they're climbing high vs crawling), maybe it's the height having some effect. Five more years though and this thing will be hitting the ceiling :P

Now if I could get this one to flower once again, that'd be awesome.. been a couple years now. Several of my other crotons are flowering, got some fruit even and maybe seeds. Who knows what wonders may grow :)

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