Ficus elastica

fandog(6a)May 24, 2013

Any tips on how to get this plant to grow more branches? I have three separate plants in the pot and have pruned the terminal node off the one in the foreground as an experiment, but only one new branch is growing from the auxiliary node below. Any and all tips about growing a ficus would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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Give them a little more time. You will have better prospects of causing new growth from pruning semi-hardwood, plus the cuttings have a chance at being struck whereas tip prunings don't

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Ok. Any tips on getting them to grow faster? Should I separate them?

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You're profile gives no clue as to where (climate-wise) you live, so any suggestions would be a guess.
Do your plants live indoors all year? Do you have a patio/ sun area for warmer months.... etc. If you provide a bit more info I'm sure people can help

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I live in Pennsylvania so I think that's zone 6a. My plants are indoors, but I suppose I could put them outside if it would help. I do have a southward facing covered patio that receives indirect sunlight.

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The leaves look convex which makes me wonder if the plant is receiving enough light. I think that pot looks far too big for it. You could fit 3-4x the amount of plants you have in there easily. Elasticas dont mind being pot bound so I'd much prefer mine in a smaller container to avoid overwatering.

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Ok thanks. I don't really have any brighter places to put it. Should I place it outside for the summer?

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In low light they tend to grow straggly. But if you move it into brighter light you need to do it gradually. A sudden move into sun would burn the foliage if it had been kept in shade all the time. Outdoors is good for them and rain (oxygenated water) is a plus.

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I agree with the outdoors but the problem is that fandog is in the same zone I am in and it wouldn't be worth the stress on the plant with the short summers we have. It might take 3 weeks to get the plant used to taking sun. Then it gets about about 4-6 weeks sun, then you'd need to slowly progress (3 weeks) back into the house as it would be too cold for it. Far too much stress on the plant to make it worth it and it might even drop some leaves in protest and look worse for all that work.

Also, that plant plant does not like temps under 15C and actually would much prefer at least 18C so leaving it out overnight would not be an option as it would drop to around 5-14C on many nights, so you'll be bringing it in and and out and in and out... I'd say just leave it indoors and let it be happy with what it has.

PS, I'll spare you the mention of the pot size * tapes mouth shut and growls a little, then goes back to his corner * :x

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to avoid the abovementioned troublesome xfer routine I put some of my tropicals outside only for 6-8 hottest weeks in around august. and my light levels go up only slightly from 3-4 hour sunny NE window to brightest NE shade overhang (balcony). even such short period benefits the plants tremendously. although then I have to treat them with insecticide,etc to bring them back in. it's a lot of work. but it's worth it for me.

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What size pot would you recommend?

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Bedtime, I didn't realise you could get nights that cold in summer. A spike below 15 wouldn't matter too much provided it was a short one. Longer periods below allow the cold to penetrate the wood. If the pot was on castors, and you had the time and inclination to fiddle with plants, it could be wheeled out and back in each day.Or, as you said, leave it indoors permanently.

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I really need help with this plant. I'm not sure if I'm posting this in the right place but I couldn't tell how to start a new forum. Anyway, I attached a picture. My ficus kept growing up and then all of a sudden it just tipped over about a week ago and I don't know what to do with it. I have read some other forums about pruning and repotting but I seem to maybe have a different problem since I don't have just one big trunk with branches, I have many trunks and they all have few leaves at the bottom of them, all the leaves are concentrated at the top. I don't know where to begin.

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL

Hi Dana, welcome to Gardenweb! To start a new discussion on house plant forum, just scroll to the bottom of the page and fill in the form, click preview.

Looks like it's had too little light, and being inside where there is no wind blowing to force them to become stronger, has caused the stems/trunks to become weak. A possible incidence (or pattern) of getting way too dry could be what caused some of them to be unable to continue standing up straight. Being too wet repeatedly can cause the same, but I'd expect to see some yellowish/brown-tipped leaves if that had been happening. Some of the leaves may be brown, the light is kind of funky on some of them, can't tell if it's camera flash or some kind of damage. What do you see in person?

Does that pot have a drain hole? How long have you had it/how long has it been in that pot? Are the stems connected to one main trunk or do then disappear into the soil separately?

Sitting the pot on something to raise it up 8-10" might help more light reach this plant. Looks like it was dark outside when you took the pic - which way does the window face?

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