Shamrock is wilting

rubybearMay 26, 2007

I have an indoor Shamrock plant (Oxalis regnellii), which I just transplanted to a larger pot. The plant was very healthy and blooming, but 2 days after transplanting, it began wilting. Now in one week almost all of the stems are wilted and hanging down over the edge of the pot. Have I killed it? I'm not sure if it doesn't like the new potting soil (Miracle Grow Potting Mix), I am watering too much, or what. I just added a plant food spike yesterday, hoping that will help. What can I do?

Also, I am going out of town in a week, and it will not receive sunlight for 4 days. Is that a problem?

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I'm just wondering why you re-potted it if it was healthy and blooming? You don't want to use fertilizer on an ailing plant, only healthy thriving ones. Those fertilizer sticks can burn roots.

It's not a real good idea to re-pot unless you absolutely need to like if it's severely root-bound and can't hold water. And anything in bloom should not be re-potted until after it's done flowering.
Re-potting can be a big stress on plants, especially if the new pot is too big, has no draianage holes and/or the soil too heavy.The plant should be a little snug in it's pot. I add Perlite to the potting soil for my shamrock and almost all of the other plants which helps with drainage.

What size pot was your shamrock in before? What size pot is it in now?

Billy Rae

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It should recover, just showing signs of stress which is not uncommon. You'd have a hard time overwatering it, so don't drown it, but don't fuss over a little extra with Shamrocks.

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Why will it not receive sunlight for 4 days because you're leaving town?
If you're worried about it drying, don't..they prefer dryer soil..
I also agree w/everything Billy Rae and Lucy advised. Toni

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Thanks for responding, everyone! The reason I transplanted it was that since March it had grown to almost 3 times the size of the little pot it came in from the grocery store, and I was having to water it twice a day, because it wouldn't hold water. The pot was 3" diameter, I transplanted it to a 6" pot. I knew it would totally dry out in that little pot when I was away for 4 days.

I didn't know about the not transplanting while blooming thing, though. I have a hard time keeping flowering plants alive, because I'm not very good at it. I tried to dig up the plant food spike, but it has already dissolved. Boy, if this thing stays alive, it will be in spite of me, not because of me!

The new pot is draining very well, in fact the water pours out the bottom as quickly as I pour it in! The Miracle Grow Potting Mix does have that perlite in it, at least I think that's what those little white balls are.

The reason it won't receive sunlight while I'm gone is that I close all my blinds for privacy and to keep the heat out. It's getting up to 100 here in the high desert. I guess I could keep one blind up a few inches, and place the pot nearby so it can get a little sun.


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Well a plant without sun uses far less water, so now that you have repotted and there'll be no light for 4 days, don't drown it before you leave, however I do disagree that shamrocks prefer it drier. They don't, and use more water than almost any plant I know.

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Ruby, you're never supposed to repot when a plant is in flower/fruit.
What color is your Shamrock? Green, purple?
Even if leaves die back, don't toss growth 'should' spurt in time..remember, these are bulbs, and unless they're rotted (mushy) they will send out leaves.
Lucy, I have better luck when it comes to dry vs wet..In fact, because I overwatered, all my lovely purple leaves and white flowers died back..well, all but 3 leaves.
Maybe it depends on the type you buy. The clover that grows on the side of my house, actually weeds, live in cracked soil. LOL..Toni

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webkat5(Z6a MO)

Anytime I have ever transplanted my Oxalis regnellii, they throw themselves into dormancy...nothing to worry about...they will come back and be better than ever.

Don't stress about it and don't worry if the foliage entirely disappears...and 4 days is not too long to leave them without being watered...they will be fact they probably won't be out of dormancy by the time you get back.

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I bought a shamrock plant 2 years ago. It died that winter. This summer I had some seeds I needed to plant quickly, so I tried to dig up all the bulbs and I planted the seeds in the same dirt. I put the pot in my East window and guess what I got! The bulbs I failed to find and dig up sprouted again along with the Columbine seeds! Now I have 11 shamrock shoots and many seedlings.

My advise is twice a week watering and warm filtered sun at least 8 hours a day................AND NEVER GIVE UP ON SHAMROCKS. :)

Best of luck..hope this helps and inspires

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Cynthia, I'd bet your Shamrock didn't die, but instead went into dormancy. If you had waited a while, new leaves would have emerged..sometimes it takes a few months..
Be patients w/Shams..Toni

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Toni, I'm not sure I could have transplanted it when it's not flowering, because it has been continuously blooming since I bought it! I was really blessed with a beautiful green with white flowers plant, and it looks so sad now. Actually, about 1/4 of the leaves are still standing up, and believe it or not, it's still producing new flowers!

All of your responses have given me hope that it's not going to die. Now, it seems that the more I learn, the more questions I have.

When the plant goes into ÂdormancyÂ, what should I do with the dead shoots and leaves? Should I pluck the entire shoot out of the soil, or just cut the stem close to the soil line?

Is there a way we can post pictures to this forum?

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webkat5(Z6a MO)

Just wait until the stems dry up and then they will easily pull away...

I wouldn't worry about the flowering aspect...mine are always in flower, too...

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Ruby, congrats on the constant flowering..Do they also bloom in early, early spring, say end of Feb?
Like Webkat says, when leaves fade, just pull or cut them off..don't dig and remove bulb..LOL..Toni

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