New plants - pics (need some IDs)

hexalmMay 24, 2012

So a couple weekends ago, the local conservatory had a fundraiser plant sale, and I managed to spend over 2 hours there deliberating and trying not to buy too many plants. Wound up with 12 (what's below, in addition to a goldfish plant), and it took me so long, they'd marked everything down by 50% by the time I paid--so I got away with it all for $45. Indecision paid off, for once, although I did feel weird enough about that to add a small donation on top of it.

Only trouble is, a couple of them weren't labeled, and I didn't bring home the label for one (and forgot what it was called).

Still need to repot all of these; don't think any of them are terribly happy about their soil right now. Of course, they have to get in line behind a few other plants...

I'll lead with the unknowns.

1. My only thought is this one may be an Aeonium based on the leaf shape and toothed edges. Has only a few similarities and big differences with my Aeonium arboreum, so I'm not sure, at any rate.

Another Angle:

2. This one was labeled, but they pulled the tag and I mistakenly thought it wasn't mine. Nothing I've turned up so far is quite like this thing. Definitely like the tricolor variegation though.

3. I'm thinking Hoya carnosa--almost definitely a Hoya though, particularly in light of the sunburn it got sitting a foot from the sunny window, one day.

4. I assume Crassula ovata--finally I think I've got a normalish variety (instead of a monstrous or small-leaved one):

5. Musa whatever--I'm not sure I care beyond it being a banana. I definitely love the big leaves:

6. Nice variegated P. afra. Almost didn't get it, but I'm glad I did (the ones I've grown from tapla's cuttings needed some more company, I guess!):

7. Mammillaria elongata (cristata). Brain cactus, if you ask me!

8. I think another Mammilaria, not sure more specifically, though.

Sadly it looks like it may have the start of some rot (the medium it's in is crap, I won't water at all until I repot). Seems stable, though:

9. Coffea arabica:

  1. Dracaena "Song of India"

  1. Spathiphyllum wallisii (Peace Lily):


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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

Wow Bryan,

What a haul, ya done great!! They look healthy & in good shape too.

I grow some Hoyas, sorry to say #3 isn't a Hoya, maybe a Nematanthus (goldfish plant).

You do know Musa (bananas) gets BIG right? Unless maybe it's some kind of a miniature.

Nice P. afra!

May they do well w/ you, enjoy!

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL

Great shopping trip!

#2 - Croton? Just a guess that's probably wrong. Not really seen anything like it before. Pretty!
#5 - I'm in love with this banana!
#10 - my plant and yours could be twins. Great taste!
#11 - that peace lily looks really nice!

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

#3 looks like a Peperomia obtusifolia, to me. If not P. obtusifolia, it still appears to be a Peperomia.

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#2 - Excoecaria cochinchinensis, aka "Chinese Croton"? I just got one of these myself, though it's just a plug, not nearly as nice as yours.

#3 - Could be a Peperomia, I guess, except... Are the leaves growing in pairs? I can't tell for sure from the pic, but it looks sort of like they are. If they are, then Peperomia seems unlikely, all of them I've ever seen (either in pix or irl) grow their leaves one at a time...

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

Sorry, don't think # 3 is a Pepp, I stand w/ Nematanthus (or Aescyhnanthus); these leaves are slightly point, not like a Pep.

Guesses for the #2 pic: MAYBE hibiscus or variegated ornamental Pepper

I'd guess the #1 pic of the Aeonium MAY be A. haworthiii, pretty form whatever it is!

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For #3 Peperomia came to mind, but I couldn't find anything that quite matched it. They don't appear to have the right leaf arrangement, in general. Leaf structure and arrangement is much like Nematanthus now that I actually compare the two, though--opposite leaves growing in pairs 90 degrees apart. That and Aeschynanthus is also quite close, so I bet Pirate Girl is right on one of those counts. Will have to do a bit of a detailed analysis, maybe, unless someone pops up with a confirmation. Or I suppose I could wait for it to flower...

#2 - Chinese croton it is, cliss, thanks! I thought it was something with an 'e' on the label, but that wasn't much to go on. Amazingly, there were two of these plants there priced at $2--made it impossible not to buy! Apparently the sap can cause blindness, giving rise to the Latin name. Good to know when handling it! Maybe that's why it was so cheap...

#1 A. haworthii seems like a pretty good guess. I won't even bother asking in the C&S forum because that looks like a match.

I have to admit I didn't really think about the future of that banana, I'm sure it will want to get bigger than I can deal with. It's Musa acuminata ssp. zebrina ('blood banana')--an image search shows they get pretty big, but not as big as other bananas seem to, or at least people don't take pictures of very many big ones. Oh well--I can always hack it up if necessary. People in Seattle are able to grow bananas outside, with some mulching and hacking in the winter (though I don't think they exactly have time to thrive in our short period of warmth).

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#3 is either a Lipstick or Peperomia, definitely not Hoya. Nice plants and good sizes, great haul! You got bargains.


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# 3 looks a lot like my lipstick plant. If it gets flowers, you'll know.

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#3 is lipstick plant I am sure of it def. not a hoya. I think it is called Mona lisa.

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