Zucchini-- no female flowers? 'Sure Thing' variety

chicagocanine(zone 5, Chicago)August 8, 2010

I planted "Sure Thing" variety of Zucchini this year, and so far I have not seen a single female flower on any of the plants.

I was looking forward to actually getting some zucchini this year, my plants usually get killed by borers so I planted these in a protected area (the variety is supposed to be able to bear fruit without bees or male flowers.) So far I haven't seen any female flowers and not a single fruit! What am I doing wrong?

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I'm not sure about your variety specifically, but I know my zucchini and patty pan squashed produced a lot of male flowers first, then the female flowers came along. How long has it been flowering like that? You may just have to wait and see. Good luck!

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I've been having this problem too. I don't know about that specific variety, but from what I've read, it just may take more time. I'm just now getting female flowers after planting 2 months ago. Unfortunately, in just the few days since finding the first female flower, and waiting for it to open, I've got a new bug problem.

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chicagocanine(zone 5, Chicago)

Well at first there weren't any flowers for quite a long time. Now it's been at least 2-3 weeks that I've been seeing all male flowers. Hopefully the female flowers will show up soon, because we have a rather short gardening season here!

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marciaz3 Tropical 3 Northwestern Ontario

I've had that problem before. It just happened one year and after that everything was normal. I don't think it matters what variety it is - it's probably just a fluke.

This year it's my pumpkin plant with all male flowers. Even if it suddenly develops female ones, i think it's too late for me to get pumpkins for the grandkids. :-/

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chicagocanine(zone 5, Chicago)

Two weeks later and I still haven't seen any female flowers yet!

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Agreed. Female flowers LATER than the norm. I have both zucchini and winter squash. While it has been a very late year here in the Northwest, other crops have done fine. The squash definitely had more male flowers than usual. That may be in part that I am using heirloom seeds -- although that is not really a new thing for me. Still, I agree, it has been a late year.

Good to know it is not just me :D

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nann0n(z11 Qld Aust)

I'm having the opposite problem here. My zuchs all have heaps of female flowers which are all opening but no male flowers. Last year I had all male flowers and no female flowers. Nature can be mean sometimes. So far out of two seasons I have harvested one single zucchini. Hopefully some male flowers come soon.

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I bought plants, so no variety name on them, but I have had similar problems. I have been swamped with zucchini in past years (oh, last year, the year of the zucchini!), so I only put in one plant. We have had 7 zuchs. SEVEN! And only 3 yellow squash!

I can only say it's a crummy year for summer squash.

(OTOH, 3 plants are producing 11 Hubbard squash.)


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I have 3 yellow squash plants and 2 zucchinis. I thought I might be deluged. Nope! I have harvested exactly 1 zucchini, 2 patty-pan squash, and 1 other yellow squash. The plants are healthy & vigorous, well-fed & watered, but yeah - same problem. Pretty much all the the flowers seem to be male. The same thing also seems to be happening with most of the winter squash, and even the cukes aren't doing that well.

The volunteer that I let grow has made three lovely winter squash, though - what the heck? I think they're mutants, because I can't figure out what they are. (The seed probably came from the compost.) Hope they're yummy!

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marciaz3 Tropical 3 Northwestern Ontario

Well, i did end up with one female flower on the pumpkin, so hopefully it will grow enough before frost. We had a few zukes earlier on but i'm finding that the plants have stopped producing. Don't know what that's about. We have some warm weather for a few days now, so maybe that will encourage them to flower again.

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IMHO, squash are the most perverse plants in the garden. If you put in a dozen plants, each plant will produce enough for the neighborhood. If you grow 1 or 2 plants, they won't produce enough for a good meal. (Not exactly true, but it sure seems like it some years!)

The weather has been pretty awful this summer with part of the country being extremely hot and dry and part not having much summery weather at all. Squash are tropical and like heat, but not desert plants either. So they don't like either extreme we've had. Some varieties may do better than others. Hopefully next summer will be better for those who have had such bad luck with them this year.


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