Spider Plant 'Babies'

quimblyMay 11, 2010

Hello green-thumbs,

We have a spider plant (Chlorophytum Comosum) which been going bananas lately, producing dozens of flowering vines with baby spider plant "bunches". After our 3-year-old daughter ripped off a few of the babies for fun, we placed them in glasses of water. Much to our delight, they grew long sets of roots in a matter of a couple weeks. We planted these babies in small pots and soon saw some significant growth in them as well!

Surprisingly, however, the small baby plants are now producing flowering vines and look to be ready to spread themselves.

My question to you experts is: should I cut off this vine in the small plants? It seems to me that the plant is wasting a lot of its energy trying to reproduce so quickly. Would the plant bush out more, and do better overall if we snip the vine?

All suggestions and info welcome! Thank you!

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You are right, snip off the vine and give the baby a chance to fill out

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My sister has two spider plants one is the mamma and one is the baby. Both are full sized plants. She keeps the *babies* off of the baby plant and it has almost caught up to the mama plant in size. I agree, clip them off.

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albert_135(Sunset 2 or 3)

Eva's Spider Plants Page may be of interest to you.

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