Fall planting in Charlotte NC

coralb(7)August 14, 2010


I am thinking of putting in a fall garden. I would like to experiment with a lot of different plants. Next week will be the first time the temps will be dropping below 90 degrees. Is 9/1 a good date to plant the following? Unless noted these are from seed. I would love to hear from folks who live in or near Charlotte, NC so they have direct experience with this area.

- chard

- beets

- carrots

- broccoli (transplant)

- lettuce (transplant)

- bok choi

- peas

- spinach (transplant)

- onion (set)

- shallot

- garlic

- Red Russian kale

My concern is that it still stays pretty warm here through the end of August/beginning of Sept. Thanks

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The spinach/lettuce transplants can wait until early Sept. if you can keep them around that long.

Pretty much everything else can been seeded now or over the next couple weeks.

Spring onions generally do better than fall onions around here, btw. Your garlic you can wait until October to set out for May+ harvest.

Fall peas also generally don't do as well as spring peas, but I rarely have a problem getting a decent-enough crop a little more North in mid-NC.

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donnak_nc(zone 7)

I usually start now planting spinach and lettuce seeds and make sucessive plantings every 2 wks. It's always a guessing game (I'm in Salisbury), but if it gets too hot and they turn bitter, I just go buy some transplants to fill in. :)

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