Some questions about my vegetables

John408August 10, 2012

Hello again.

I have several vegetables that I have questions about. I finally got my tomatoes all taken care of, but now some others plants Im concerned about. The first is my jalapenos. I wanted to know if the way the one pictured is bad.

Second is my cucumbers. Two of my cucumbers are in a curled position and it looks like another might be heading in that direction.

Can anyone tell me if something is wrong with my jalapeno and what I might be doing wrong with my cucumbers?

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Sorry, forgot to say, the jalapeno Im concerned about is the one that is a different color.

And Heres a picture of the cucumber.

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The jalapeno is just ripening. They turn red when ripe. Plant looks a little nitrogen deficient. Cucumbers especially long types sometimes do this. Usually it means the plant is under some stress.

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shermthewerm(8 PNW)

The jalapeno looks like it might need a shot of fertilizer, but otherwise looks fine to me. If the pepper is changing to red (that's what it looks like to me), then that's fine. I prefer the red jalapenos, and try to leave them on the plant long enough so they'll turn.

Not sure about the cucumber, but I think it has to do with incomplete pollination. Do you have many bees?

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Thanks you two. farmerdill, you say it looks nitrogen deficient, is that something I can have taken care of with fertilizer? With the jalapeno the color it is, when should I pick it?

shermthewerm, I do have bees, but not much.

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shermthewerm(8 PNW)

You might try some fish fertilizer on your pepper, that's not a bad source or nitrogen.

You can pick your jalapenos whenever you want. Try some green, some in-between, and some red to see what you prefer.

This is somewhat off-topic, but when I first grew jalapenos (10 years ago), all of the peppers had these lines all over them (I call them stretch marks, but it's actually called corking). I thought it was some kind of fungus & was afraid to eat them so I threw all of them in the yard debris--we're talking a ton of peppers! I wish GardenWeb back then...

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Thanks shermthewerm, Ive read about corking. Ive been waiting for that to happen to my peppers since I thought that was an indication that they were done. I used one pepper a couple of weeks ago when I didnt have enough from the store to make guacamole and before I put it in I tasted it and it was pretty good. I guess Ive just been waiting for the right time and never knew when that is.

As for the cucumber, those are the ones Im most concerned about. I love cucumber and want to be able to grow a lot of them. Just the way they are turning out has me fearing that I wont be able to use them.

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You can eat the cucumbers even small and curly. Cucumbers like regular watering, if they dont get it they will often get odd shaped or curl more. I dont think it is from a disease, keep them moist and good ones should follow.

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Well, I picked my peppers since most started turning red. They were really good, but not hot at all. They were actually kind of sweet. What causes a pepper to be sweet rather then hot?

Also, my cucumbers now have another thing happening. I have some more cucumbers growing now. These ones are not curling, but from the stem it starts thick, then thins out, and the tip is really thick again. Its really weird looking. Any idea what this might be caused by?

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zzackey(8b GA)

Did you grow these from seeds? I've found that cheap seeds produce inferior plants. I planted garden sage and I had one plant that was a flowering blue sage instead.The seeds must have gotten mixed in. If you bought transplants the labels can get changed by kids playing in the garden center or by someone not paying attention.

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can you take a picture of it

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sunnibel7 Md 7(7)

There are some jalapenos that are bred to have little or no heat, also cooler temperatures and more water during the growing season can lead to a milder pepper. The heat resides mainly in the seeds and the ridges inside the pepper, so if you removed all of that, you would remove the heat. Plus it seems to be common (from what I've reas in the hot pepper forum) for jalapenos to vary considerably in heat, even amongst pods on the same plant. As for the sweetness, that comes from letting them ripen to red. Pick them green, just before turning, for a pepper that tastes more like you get from the store. Cheers!

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Jalapenos vary with their heat, some are really hot and some are quite mild. You might have a mild strain. You should experiment with letting the peppers ripen. A fully ripe Poblano (turns reddish-brown) is one of the best peppers you'll ever eat IMO. All peppers turn to some color when ripe, everything at the store is green because it was picked before maturity.

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Thanks everyone. @Zackey, all the plants Im talking about I bought at Lowes.

I will take a picture as soon as I can. Its just really bizarre. Im thinking of betting some of the miracle grow spray to see if this helps with my plant problems. As for the jalepenos, I have another plant that just started to produce so Im going to pull those while green and see what happens.

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