House Plant Problems

kongmingtaoMay 31, 2012

I'm not sure if I'm posting this in the right location so please move it if I'm wrong to post here. I have a few problem houseplants and I'm not sure what's wrong. I think there are a few problems....

In the lower left, you can see a scraggly mint. I have similar problems with basil. I have seen mint around the city and it is so full and the leaves are large and deep green.

Behind that is another plant (not sure what it is) and the leaves are very pale. They used to be very green but now they are mostly yellow.

In the back is a sor tof rubber-like plant where the new leaves are coming in small and yellow-red.

Finally in the lower right you see a water plant (arrow plant?) whose leaves are starting to become striped with yellow.

I have given them all fertilizer (teal colored balls that are just NPK) and water fairly regularly. Any ideas?

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL

Your pic:

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Mint does better outdoors, but can be grown inside, too. It need a lot of light and fresh, circulating air.
If the window is low light, and the air dry/stuffy, mint and other herbs grow spindly and/or acquire insects.

You said you see mint all over the city..Do you mean outdoors?
Plants looke their best when grown outdoors, especially herbs like mint and basil.

The plant next to the mint looks like Aglaonema/Chinese Evergreen. Not a positive ID.

Aglaonemas should not be in the same window as mint. Mint needs bright/direct sun, Aglaonemas do best in bright, in-direct sun.
Which direction does your window face?
It's either too sunny for Aglaonema, 'which would fade leaves,' or too shady for mint.

Aglaonema soil needs to dry a little between waterings, especially during winter or rainy days. The top of soil should feel a little dry..Soil should never be muddy.

Ficus, Rubber Tree. The reason your leaves are growing small is your plant isn't getting enough sun. Ficus need a lot of light.

Syngonium. I can't see any yellow...perhaps it's variegated? If leaves turn totally yellow, it could be over or under-watered.
Syngoniums shouldn't sit in shade. Many say they're low-light plants, but it's untrue. They need some light.

Fertilizing doesn't necessarily mean a plant will grow or be in perfect health. Fertilizing and light go together.

Hope this helps.

Purple, thanks for posting the picture. Toni

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