Self-watering methods while on vacation

charlie2003(NY)May 28, 2008


I have a few plants and will be on vacation for 10 days. I have read a couple of methods for keeping the plants watered while away. One said to put a clear bag around the plant without touching the leaves to keep the moisture inside.

Another said to use a stocking and connecting it from the plant pot to a container with water.

Anybody have any experience with these or can suggest others?

I have a couple citrus trees, marigolds, a red flower plant I don't know the name of, a tahitian bridal veil, and some other hardy plants that will do fine I think.



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I wouldn't sacrifice a stocking but I have used nylon twine from walmart, about two dollars for a hundred yards. When I would pot up my african violets I would run the twine from the dirt into a storage container of water. It kept them perfectly moist and all I ever had to do was put water in the container. Enjoy your vacation!

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Every year when I vacation for 2+ weeks I enclose my plants in large transparent trash bags. They are healthier when I come back! I place the plant inside the bag and then close the top tightly with lightweight twine or ribbon. If the top flops and bends the plant, put a tall stick in the pot to hold up the bag. I put several small plants on a tray in one bag.

It's important not to water just before enclosing the plant. If you do, so much water will condense inside the bag that the plant surface becomes too moist.

I keep them both inside and outside (out of direct sunlight) and it doesn't make much difference. Be sure to put a towel or something underneath the enclosed plant if you leave it indoors.

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Hi Charlie,

A week ago I came across a small and cool automatic watering system called Plant Care.

Plant-Care automatically waters and feeds up to 4 plants for 2 full weeks and I know my plants are watered whether IÂm on vacation, in my office or just too busy to remember.
I found out, also, that it is ideal for my indoor and my outdoor plant stands.

Moreover, they are selling it now for only $19 Â Introductory price, a price that they wrote, will not last long (their standard price Is $35).

You can order it from this link:

Itzik :)

Here is a link that might be useful: Automatic watering system

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nancyanne_2010(Z 8 / WA)

Place them in the bathtub (or shower) and water well before you leave. The humidity in the bathroom (from the toilet, etc.) will keep them from drying out so quickly. For ten days, they should be fine.

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