planting a pony-tail palm outside...

a1sspikeMay 1, 2009

Has anyone done this? My pony tail palm/tree is about 5 feet tall(not counting the leaves), almost 9 when the new set of leaves is still straight up. I usually keep the tree outside on the shady side of the patio during summer. I was wondering if it would hurt the plant if i put it into the ground for a few months, then re pot it for winter. I would never leave it outside in NE. Also have a sago, and chinese fan palm I may plant outside, summer only...Any thoughts?

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Well, it is a desert plant so I can't see why not. The only thing that might make me think twice is because I read the root system goes deep because it is a succulent - it might be difficult to dig back up depending upon how quickly the root system gets established. I also read it's a slow grower too, though. Since it'll only be for the summer, it might not get established *that* much.

South or west sun is great for it as well as soil with great drainage.

I am ordering seeds of this through Park Seed this year and I live in Lincoln so thank you for asking the question - it made me do my research!

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watergal(z6/7 Westminster, MD)

If it's in a cheap pot, you could just dig a hole in the ground and sink the plant, pot and all, in the hole. Then just put the potted plant back inside in the winter. I used to do this with tropical hibiscus. The only problem is that you can get soil stains on the outside of your pot. The hibiscus roots used to grow out the drain holes into the ground sometimes, but I just whacked them back when they had to come out in the fall. I'm guessing ponytail roots grow a lot more slowly, so that may not be an issue.

Be sure to acclimate it to the outdoor sun gradually, but you probably knew that.

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Mentha(9 CA)

Last week I visited a house with one the size of a car in the front yard, and about 1.5 stories high! It can be done, but I'm not sure if your climate will be as acomedating as Southern CA.

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I have a Pony Tail Palm that I use to bring in during the winter. Last winter I left the potted palm outside. We had a very cold long winter. I placed the palm on the west side of the house under oak trees. Then this spring,
I moved the plant to the East side in full sun. I thought this plant was dead. It had no leaves and the trunk which is about 3ft tall seemed lifeless. I felt that possibly the plant had frozen during the hard winter. I repotted in a larger pot, and watered it thourghly, at first every other day for about a week. Then to my supprise, little green shoots began to appear around the main trunk 3/4 way up the ball. I had not seen this before. Now that I have learned much about this plant, I want to plant outdoors. The plant survived the winter, but the main trunk no longer has palms. I think I will keep it potted, and move it again this winter to a sheltered area and out of the Northeastern wind. I think this plant may be aclemated enough to leave it outdoors. In the Florida Panhandle, we are the coldest city in the state during winter, and the hotest city in the state during summer.

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