Dracaena Janet Craig new stalk

Jason_DoyleMay 1, 2011

I was given what I believe is a Dracaena Janet Craig as a moving out present from my mother when I was 17 years old. I'm now 42 which means I've managed to keep this plant alive for 25 years. I'll have to admit, I haven't exactly been the best parent, but it has survived many moves and needless to say, it has a certain sentimental value to me. The plant grew to about 5 feet tall and eventually, the stalk was too thin to support the weight of it's large upper leaves. I eventually began supporting it with long wooden sticks tied loosely with string but eventually there still wasn't enough support. Luckily, about 2 years ago, a new sprout at the base of the stalk began to grow and is now nearly 8 inches tall with six good sized leaves on it. Since the main stalk was now bowing over under it's own weight I decided to cut the main stalk off and start anew with the smaller sprout at the base.

My questions are now:

1) Do you think it will survive?

2) Is there anything special I can do to ensure it does survive?

3) I have another Dracaena Janet Craig that I've had for nearly as long, (about 18 years), and it is beginning to suffer the same fate, however no new sprout has begun at the base. Is there a way to force it to sprout a new stalk? (this is really my main question)

Any input would be greatly appreciated.

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you can cut the old stalk and new leaves will soon sprout out of the cut end.sometimes you may even get two or three new sprouts off of one old stalk!

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A new growth (after about twenty years) has come about at the top of my plant. At first we thought it was a new flower(?) but it just kept growing up and up, and it seems to be some seed contained in a sac. Now there are many little sacs. We are concerned as to what it is and what we should do about it.
Can you please help us???

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I second cutting it back. Plus, you can divide the cut stalk in sections and reroot. That is, if you want a duplicate plant or once they're rooted, adding in the first pot to make compact.

This is the time of year Dracaenas flower. Before pruning back ID the sacs. Anyway, it's best to wait until spring.
Would you happen to have a pic of the sacs? Interesting..Toni

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