Brown spots on leave of Fiddle Leaf Fig

aria1000May 25, 2013


I purchased my first fiddle leaf fig about a month ago. I've wanted one for quite some time and finally bought one after doing some homework on how to care for them.

It's been doing great in a corner of our living room that receives good indirect light and no harsh drafts from the a/c. In fact, after 2 weeks it started to put on new growth and quickly acquired 3-4 new leaves.

Recently though, we've noticed that it is dropping some lower leaves. Some leaves also have brown spots.

I try to let it dry out a bit before watering. Usually when I notice the upper most leaf just start to droop.

Could I be overwatering? Or is it not receiving enough light? Or could it still be acclimating to its new environment?

Also, how often should I fertilize it?

Thank you for helping out a fiddle leaf fig newbie!

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Idk whats wrong *new to plants* but just wanted to say your fiddle leaf fig is beautful. Hope someone more knowledgeable helps you out!

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL(8B AL)

Aria, it is a great looking plant! Getting a little more info would help with knowing what's going on with your plant. Would you be able to add a pic showing the pot/soil this plant is in? Does the pot have holes in it? Is there a drip saucer under or attached to the pot? Is it still in the same pot it came in?

If you look at some of the previous discussions here about this and other figs grown in pots, you may be able to spot/understand the problem.

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